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How To Earn $398/Day Using 'TRADER'

Investors wanting to buy or sell and traders

By fatima dalaniPublished 2 months ago 9 min read
How To Earn $398/Day Using 'TRADER'
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These days, however, things are different. Fewer people are trading. The demand is in the opposite direction: Investors want to buy or sell and traders have to sell their trading positions to get ready for retirement.

Of course, as with all things related to the financial market, what goes down in one market has to go back up in another. For example, when the Fed starts raising interest rates, interest rate parity can become challenging. This is how one rate goes up and one goes down. If you remember how short-term interest rates and long-term interest rates relate, this is very complex. However, this simple concept is easy to understand. When interest rates go up on longer-term investments, investors will want to earn additional cash by trading.

But what if interest rates go up all the way? Then the effect on TRADER might be more complicated than you think. Assuming that we maintain a fixed percentage of the longer-term positions as cash, the TRADER’s earnings would increase. But, as the cash positions increase, the incentive to sell that portfolio becomes greater. For example, suppose that you get a TRADER’s TRADER’s dividend of $75 per trade. If interest rates go up by a fixed percentage, you might be able to earn $75 for every $40 cash position. However, if the cash positions increase by a variable percentage, then you might be able to earn $100 for every $40 of cash.

If you want to earn a substantial amount of income from TRADER, you might want to use a monthly trading plan that gives you higher payouts with a higher yield. For example, if you wanted to use TRADER as your sole portfolio, you might get $100 in trading dividends each month. As you move forward and your cash positions increase (or decrease), the annual dividend would also increase. However, the quarterly dividend would decrease each year.

When we start using a trading plan like this, we are trading in a highly volatile financial market. In the first quarter of TRADER’s trading, we would receive $39. In the second quarter, we would get $42. In the third quarter, we would get $76. And so on.

That’s not too different from TRADER’s normal trading income. If you use TRADER in the same way, you might earn about $400 in trading dividends each month. Depending on how much cash you hold, you might be able to earn another $300 to $400 for each trading day.

Note: If you think you might want to use TRADER, and you earn $300 or $400 in trading dividends per month, and you hold $40,000 or $50,000 of cash, then you might be in good shape. As long as your dividend yields remain consistent, you might be earning close to $600 per month on average.

A few months after TRADER was introduced, it increased its dividend by $1.00 per month. At that time, that meant that TRADER’s dividend was now $2.40 per month. This increase came at a time when interest rates were falling, so TRADER’s dividend increased even more for some investors.

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This new dividend would usually be paid for every month. The next dividend payment would be higher, bringing the total dividend to $2.45. The dividend increased to $2.95 per month in the third quarter. Next year, that dividend increased to $3.30 per month. That’s $18.35 per month for a total of $398 per day for trading.

Of course, we know that the market would go down each quarter. We also know that TRADER’s dividend doesn’t seem like much in the face of a $400,000 cash position. If interest rates are in the mid-2% range for most of that quarter, TRADER’s dividend income would still be substantially lower. This is the usual swing of interest rates and TRADER’s dividend.

For those investors who are trading as their sole portfolio, that means that TRADER’s dividend might be $15 per day. This would translate to about $328 per week or about $28 per day.

Of course, this would depend on how many trades you made during the quarter, how much cash you held, and how much TRADER’s dividend increased each quarter. If you earned $200 per day for every trading day, then that would be $40,000 per quarter. If you earned $100 per day for every trading day, then you could earn $722 per week. That would be $398 per day.

That sounds like a lot of money. However, as we saw above, a few years later, TRADER was becoming quite popular. The first quarter would receive an increased dividend payment of $38. During the second quarter, the dividend increased to $36. That was $308 per quarter.

Third quarter, fourth quarter, and so on. If you use TRADER, you might end up earning a significant amount of income.

A financial advisor might be able to convince you to follow that exact trading plan. Using that specific trading plan, you might earn $398 per day. However, you would also have to pay a $500 to $400 fee to a financial advisor. We have not verified this on TRADER, but TRADER does not seem to require a fee for its trading plan.

Note: If you choose a monthly trading plan, then TRADER’s fee is $299 for each month that you would choose a monthly trading plan. After the first month, TRADER’s fee is only $25 per month for a monthly trading plan. That’s $198 per month. That’s only about $202 per day. Even if you chose a daily trading plan, TRADER might still pay you around $300 per day, and that might be less than you would earn if you keep your cash, traded all your cash, and then earned $400 per day. That’s a huge difference.

The solution, of course, is not always in your hands. Instead, you could hold on to your cash for now, and use another dividend trading tool for now, like TRADER. Instead of taking that $300 to $400 in dividends per day, you could use your cash for other things. TRADER might earn more than you earn in dividends, but you would have to make sure that TRADER’s trading fees don’t consume the income.

Let’s say that you use TRADER for four months. After the first month, TRADER would pay you $737. That would be about $152 per trading day. In the first quarter, the dividend would be around $200, but in the next four months, the dividend would be $398 per trading day. That would give you $448 per week or $21.96 per day. After two quarters, you would earn about $390 per day. That would be $28 per day for the next two quarters. It looks like TRADER’s dividend is slightly lower than TRADER’s dividend income.

Finally, we need to talk about TRADER’s trading fees. TRADER has an hourly fee of $1.00 per trade. The fee changes every quarter. You can trade one or two contracts per quarter. In the first quarter, the fee would be $3.25. In the next quarter, the fee would be $6.25. Finally, for the final quarter of the year, the fee would be $8.00.

By Scott Graham on Unsplash

Of course, many investors might also use TRADER’s premium services. The premium services start at $19.00 per month. If you use TRADER’s premium services for one quarter, then the premium services would earn you $1,399. That’s $398 per trading day. It would also earn you $211 per week or $11 per day.

Despite all of the confusion, TRADER does have its merits. It’s still too early to tell for sure if TRADER will become a major dividend income tool. There are some questions about whether TRADER will work out for the investor. TRADER works well for a lot of investors because TRADER is unique. However, some investors might find TRADER’s dividend too good to be true.

The first quarter is over, and it looks like TRADER earned $39.63. That would be $28 per trading day or $227 per week. The third quarter would earn $55.43 or $272 per trading week.

If we compare the fourth quarter of 2016 to the fourth quarter of 2015, TRADER earned $408.80. That would be $398 per trading day.

That’s the first quarter.

With TRADER’s dividend in 2016, TRADER might earn more than $398 in dividends per day. So we could see the dividend closer to $400, perhaps closer to $398.

It looks like the TRADER’s dividend income will be between $6.00 per trading day and $600 per trading day.

How Much Do TRADER’s Trading Fees Cost?

TRADER’s trading fees can vary. You can use TRADER’s trading fee calculator and find out which trading fee is the best deal for you. Here’s how the fee calculator works.

Read the TRADER’s Trading Fees, and choose a trading plan, to find out your trading fee. You can also use the TD Direct Investing website, to calculate your trading fee. Click To Enter For Basic

That will show you the TRADER trading fee. This is one of the prices. That’s a good sign, but don’t stop there. You could have a higher or lower trading fee depending on the account’s number of trades and the market’s trends. You could also have a lower fee if you have a TRADER account that trades in stocks and not in options.

If you trade in stocks, then you can change your TRADER trading fee if you want. You might also change the number of trading fees you receive. TRADER has a trading fee calculator where you can change the TRADER trading fee.

Be careful when you have to pay trading fees, as the fees could go up dramatically. That’s what happened in 2010 with TRADER. The company was trying to lower its trading fees, but it ended up raising them significantly. That was the last time we saw TRADER’s trading fees under $20. It’s been higher in many of the quarters since then.

Now TRADER’s trading fees are higher than TRADER’s dividend income. Even TRADER’s dividend could be higher than TRADER’s trading fees.

We can say with confidence that TRADER’s trading fees cost about $398 per trading day.

To earn $398 in dividends per day, you would have to use TRADER’s premium services. The premium services start at $19.00 per month. Of course, TRADER’s premium services don’t start with the first premium. You would have to sign up for the premium services if TRADER is a new investment for you.

So it’s hard to make an exact estimate of how much the premium services would cost.

How To Make TRADER’s Premium Services Work

When TRADER’s trading fees are high, TRADER might require a minimum amount of trades to earn the fee. The fee depends on the number of trades.

TRADER says that for premium services, it charges $6.99 for 5 trades, $10.99 for 10 trades, $15.99 for 20 trades, $24.99 for 30 trades, $39.59 for 40 trades, and $49.39 for 60 trades.

Again, if TRADER’s trading fees are high, TRADER might require you to make a lot of trades. It may be $15.99 per trade. It might require that you make 40 trades, for example.

That means you would have to trade in stocks. That is not a good way to earn a dividend.

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