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Do app reviewers really make some serious money..?

I think they do..

By Yes itz mePublished 10 months ago 5 min read

Becoming an app reviewer is a great way to share your opinions about the latest apps and earn money online. However, before you start reviewing apps, it is essential to develop a strategy and establish yourself as a credible reviewer.

1.Researching and identifying apps to review: The first step in becoming an app reviewer is to research and identify apps that are worth reviewing. You can use various resources such as app stores, review websites, and social media platforms to find the latest and most popular apps. You can also check out app developer forums and social media groups to find new apps that are not yet available on app stores.

When choosing apps to review, you should consider your target audience. If you are targeting a specific niche, such as gaming or productivity apps, you should focus on reviewing apps in that category.

2.Developing a reviewing style and approach: Once you have identified the apps to review, the next step is to develop a reviewing style and approach. Your reviewing style should be unique and consistent to help you build a following and establish credibility.

When reviewing an app, you should consider various factors such as design, usability, features, and performance. You should also consider the target audience and the app's purpose.

3.Building a following and establishing credibility: Building a following and establishing credibility is crucial to become a successful app reviewer. You can build a following by promoting your reviews on social media platforms and engaging with your followers. You can also collaborate with other app reviewers and participate in review communities to increase your exposure.

To establish credibility, you should be honest and objective in your reviews. You should also disclose any sponsored content or affiliate links to maintain transparency with your audience.

4.Networking with app developers and other reviewers: Networking with app developers and other reviewers can help you stay up-to-date with the latest app trends and changes. You can network by attending app development conferences, joining review communities, and reaching out to app developers on social media platforms.

Networking with other reviewers can also help you learn from their experiences and share your knowledge.

5.Staying up-to-date with app trends and changes: Staying up-to-date with app trends and changes is crucial to maintain your credibility as an app reviewer. You should regularly update yourself on the latest app releases, updates, and changes. You can use various resources such as tech blogs, app development forums, and social media platforms to stay informed.


Now that you have established yourself as a credible app reviewer, you can start exploring different ways to monetize your reviews and make money online.

6.Earning through affiliate marketing or referral programs: Affiliate marketing or referral programs allow you to earn a commission by promoting an app or service to your audience. You can sign up for an affiliate program or referral program and receive a unique link or code to promote the app or service.

When someone clicks on your link or uses your code to download the app or sign up for the service, you earn a commission. The commission varies depending on the program and can range from a few cents to several dollars per referral.

7.Monetizing through ads or sponsorships: Monetizing through ads or sponsorships involves displaying ads or sponsored content on your app review website or social media platforms. You can earn money by charging a fee to display ads or sponsored content to your audience.

Ads can be in the form of display ads, banner ads, or video ads, and you can earn money based on the number of clicks or impressions. Sponsored content can include reviews, sponsored posts, or sponsored videos, and you can charge a fee based on the length and content of the sponsored content.

8.Charging a fee for app review services: Charging a fee for app review services is a straightforward way to make money as an app reviewer. You can offer app review services to app developers or businesses and charge a fee for your review.

You can offer various review packages, such as basic, standard, or premium, based on the level of detail and feedback provided. You can also offer additional services such as beta testing, user feedback, or usability testing to increase the value of your review services.

9.Participating in beta testing programs and receiving compensation: Participating in beta testing programs can help you earn money as well as provide you with early access to new apps. Beta testing involves testing a pre-release version of an app and providing feedback to the app developer.

Some app developers offer compensation for beta testers in the form of gift cards, cash, or early access to the app. Beta testing can also help you build relationships with app developers and increase your exposure in the app review community.

10.Offering consulting services to app developers: Offering consulting services to app developers involves providing expert advice on app design, development, or marketing. As an app reviewer, you have an in-depth understanding of what makes an app successful, and you can leverage this knowledge to offer consulting services to app developers.

You can offer consulting services on a project basis or a retainer basis, and charge a fee based on the scope of the project and your expertise.


In conclusion, making money as an app reviewer is a viable option for those who have a passion for technology and are willing to put in the effort to build a credible platform. By consistently providing honest and insightful reviews, you can establish yourself as a respected app reviewer and monetize your platform through various methods such as affiliate marketing, ads, review services, beta testing, and consulting services. However, it is important to remain ethical and transparent in your reviews to maintain your credibility and build a loyal audience. With the right approach and dedication, you can turn your passion for app reviewing into a lucrative online income stream.

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