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9 Signs You're Going To Be Successful

The secrets of success

By Odedele BadiruPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Despite having a dictionary definition, this word has a variety of meanings for various people. Some of us define success as being a hotshot business executive, while others view the culmination of success as having children or simply leading a fulfilling life.

Simply put, what you, or even the larger community, may describe as success will likely be very different from what I do. No matter the nature of their specific undertaking, successful people all have certain traits in common.

We'll examine the behaviors and characteristics that successful people share in this video. If you exhibit these traits, success is probably in your future. Here are the 9 Signs that you will be successful.


Being able to swiftly and readily adjust to change is one of the most obvious indicators that you will succeed in the future.

This holds true for any profession. If you're a stock trader, you must adjust to the changing market, and if you're an athlete, you must be ready for varying weather conditions, different training demands, and competitive opponents who are out to defeat you.

Being forced to adapt forces us to come up with innovative solutions to the issues we encounter quickly. You might not have had trouble making friends when you transferred to a new school, for example, or you might appear to be successful at everything you try for the first time.

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This one, however, can be divided into two parts:

1. The internal criteria you establish.

2. Your exhibited assurance and boldness.

The harshest critics are frequently those who have achieved success; they hold themselves to the greatest standards and believe that anything less than that is just unacceptable. Instead of just talking about your objectives, you actually work for them and set an example for others to follow when times are difficult.

No matter what others may think of you, you hold yourself in high regard and have a strong sense of self-confidence. Additionally, you aren't afraid to tell it like it is, you can take a joke, but you don't let others walk all over you, and you are aggressive when necessary.


People who are successful can accept criticism as well as self-criticize. Rarely is this a natural talent; rather, it is typically learned.

Hearing criticism may be incredibly difficult, especially if it is about something you are passionate about. But it's crucial to keep in mind that without feedback, successful progress is not possible.

Stars cannot shine without darkness, in my opinion, because achieving success necessitates the capacity to handle adversity, withstand criticism, have a thicker skin, and roll with the punches.

The majority of successful people also have the ability to evaluate their own performance. In fact, many successful people give off the impression of being perfectionists because they are continuously evaluating themselves and striving to give nothing less than their best.

Simply said, successful people never accept less than their best and are constantly striving for improvement.

Self-criticism enables growth since it fosters the development of self-perception and self-assessment abilities. With experience, a person may identify their strengths and areas for improvement in every given circumstance.


Because their most brilliant team members are willing to give up for the sake of others, great business teams succeed. Employees on great teams are supportive of one another, aware of their responsibilities, willing to lay aside personal objectives, and prioritizing the success of the team.

Where did you get that outlook?


Can you decide that your happiness will depend on the success of others? is a question that every successful person responds with a loud "Yes!

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Everyone makes errors. That is typical. However, you're probably doing better than most people if you learn from your errors and don't repeat them. After all, success itself is the result of learning from mistakes and failures. Everyone is familiar with those who are too self-conscious to make mistakes out of fear of looking foolish.

The only way to improve, though, is to make errors. Any successful person will tell you that they wouldn't be where they are today without the mistakes they made along the way.

Therefore, if you don't mind making errors and view them as an opportunity to learn, you're probably headed in the right direction.


It all comes down to taking measured risks if you want to succeed. You can think of it this way: Either you take chances with the potential for success and the danger of failing, or you don't take any chances and spend the rest of your life regretting it.

Now, this is not to say that going to a casino and gambling is an indication that you will succeed; on the contrary, it is just the reverse.

When we discuss risks, we mean beginning the business you've always wanted to start but have been too hesitant to do so because of what others might think. It involves taking a calculated risk that will get you closer to your goal.

Suppose you do fail.

You fail forward, you make lessons out of your setbacks, and you grow from every error you make!


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, according to a proverb. We do, however, frequently allude to it, and while its connotation may not be entirely accurate, it does have some basis in reality. You will succeed if you are surrounded by successful people.

The remarkable friendship between Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who are practically best friends, is an illustration of how successful people frequently associate with other successful people.

One of the key queries here is whether successful people naturally interact with one another or if success comes through working with others.

We think the latter is the case.

Consider how you will develop these habits if all of your friends start eating well and exercising regularly. It will be like having a partner in crime with a common goal.

Yes, you could not yet be acquainted with any successful people, but networking and advancing together


Men are sometimes said to be too proud to ask for directions, which is a humorous adage. I may be speaking from my free-spirited European upbringing, but anyone who is lost and in need of assistance yet believes that doing so is a show of weakness is a complete imbecile.

I realize that some people have really fragile egos, but those who aren't afraid to ask for assistance and guidance will get over challenges much more quickly, will learn a lot of insightful things, and will be able to use what they have learned in the future. You won't ever make any significant progress if you have a false feeling of pride.


Finding someone who consistently keeps their word and never arrives late for a meeting might be challenging. People that fit this description are highly respected by both their friends and the business community.

You can achieve tremendous heights if you are the kind of person that other people can rely on and if you can maintain a reasonable schedule that enables you to be extremely prompt.


The characteristics that are frequently linked to alpha personalities, or natural leaders, are confidence and fearlessness, but the most significant alpha character characteristic is empathy.

Yes, you heard correctly. To ensure that everyone has access to the resources they require to feel secure and respected, a leader must be able to provide for the group.

A leader always aims to keep his followers generally content, even if it means making some difficult decisions and compromising. You won't get very far or you'll fall just as quickly as you ascend if you simply think about yourself.

If you exhibit some of these traits, you may very well possess a few hidden abilities that, if you can learn to tap into them, will help you accomplish some of your most important objectives.

Even while it will still require a lot of time, effort, and possibly even luck, if you are already displaying some advantageous characteristics, you will undoubtedly have an advantage.


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