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Alexius McCoy2 years ago
How To Budget Successfully
Budgeting is not something you typically learn in school, but it is a life skill that everyone needs to know and master. I will show you how I learned to budget as a kid and how I adapted it to my adu...
Haydn Green2 years ago
Quitting My Job As A Teacher Was The Best Decision I Have Made
It's midnight on a Sunday evening and I am not asleep. I have to be awake at four o'clock, but my brain seems unable to comprehend this fact. My body, like my brain, is completely and utterly exhauste...
The Honest Writer
There are times when a biased spin is appropriate for a piece of writing, times when it is entirely intentional to make a point in favour of one side or another. Other times, a more balanced approach ...
Katrina Sable2 years ago
7 Things Anyone Planning To Attend College Should Consider
Thinking of going to college? These are some tips that might help you along the way so that you don't walk into this entirely clueless; going to college can be a confusing process, that's quite understandable.
J M2 years ago
Big Mistakes That You Don't Realize You Are Making
Time and time again, I watch new businesses open and close! It recently dawned on me that there are several "classic" mistakes that business owners are making. I have compiled a short list of tips tha...
Clark Ramos2 years ago
Millennials Are The Worst Generation
Hello. My name is Clark, and I was born on a frosty, winter afternoon in January of the ever-so-fleeting year of 1995. That makes me a Millennial, and therefore an expert on Millennials. Recently, I'v...