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XL Bully Dogs to Be Banned?

Is Banning The Answer?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
XL Bully Dog.

Owning an aggressive dog in the UK is a status symbol among many working-class lads. It's very much a macho thing for young males in this country. The dog supposedly emphasises the status of a young male. Like owning a flash car, the dog like the car, is treated as a status symbol.

These dogs and other so-called aggressive breeds are used in dog fighting. An evil practice that has been around for centuries. The RSPCA, Police and other animal welfare groups bring to book those who practice this evil. However, such horrors still take place when people bet on the strongest dog. This is an evil and exploitative practice where the dog is used for entertainment. People who engage in these practices are no better than those Romans who watched such horrific spectacles, in the Colosseum. As is using animals in circuses, for our entertainment. Mostly this practice has been stamped out.

No one is doubting, that these dogs and others like them, can be aggressive. One has to have compassion and indeed, horror, for people attacked by these dogs. These dogs are extremely strong and aggressive when the mood takes them.

Like all dogs, XL Bullies, have certain traits, that have been encouraged by breeding, to bring these traits out. So, humans in our exploitation of these animals, have reaped what we have sown.

The same as feral animals like mink that escape farms. That wreaks havoc on our native wildlife. Humans who cause such things whether it be out-of-control dog breeds or introduced species never take the blame. We think we are so clever as a species. When we suffer blowback, we are only, reaping what we have sown. The Frankenstein story comes to mind where a mad scientist creates a monster. At first, everything seemed okay. When the human-created monster wrought havoc, the scientist only had himself, to blame.

Blaming dogs for incidents is big news. The news pundits know that showing dogs as demonic creatures sells and attracts viewers. Dogs like other creatures are sentient. They experience complex emotions and thoughts. Just like humans, they are complex and reasoning animals.

Dogs like all sentient beings react to good and bad stimuli. People reporting dog attacks never ask what made the dog attack. All they are concerned about is sensational headlines. Dog's brains were scanned some time ago in a doughnut scanner. The findings showed that dog's brains were very similar to humans. So, how a dog, thinks, reasons, and reacts, is similar to our own.

All higher-intelligence beings react accordingly to any environment they find themselves. A good environment will create good reactions and bad, the opposite. So in that respect, dogs, humans and other sentient beings are the same, in this respect. Science has proved this yet we humans choose to go along a primitive path of blaming a beast we have created.

Humans are the most dangerous and destructive creatures on this planet. Just look at our so-called civilization and our rampant consumerism. Our lifestyle of materialism and capitalism has wrought the destruction of nature. It leaves a great inequality in human society and this is where we have ended up.

Jumping on the political bandwagon no doubt, Sunak and Braverman, want the dog breed banned. Sunak and Braverman, know a general election, is just around the corner. So, could it be, that they are speaking about banning XL Bullies because they see it as a vote winner?

Just like they announced getting NHS waiting lists down and stopping migrant boats. Politicians are a canny lot and will announce anything if it wins them votes. Just like Boris, with Brexit, who won a landslide because of it.

So to sum up, yes, XL-Bullies, can be dangerous. But so can all dogs and other animals in our midst. Many responsible pet owners say that these dogs are loving creatures. I am not excusing the horrendous attacks these dogs are capable of. I am also mindful of the victims of these attacks. Something does indeed, have to be done.

When politicians are thinking of banning this breed, maybe, they should ban the irresponsible owners too. From keeping such creatures they exploit and cannot cope with.



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Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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