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World Politics Since 1945 - A Dive Into It!

by Osei Agyemang 3 years ago in history
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World Politics

Politics have existed since creation. A school of thought thinks that God Almighty himself is a politician, because he had long-term animosity with the devil himself, Satan, who was clearly not a demon until the 'war.' They said the two sides could have saved the situation by arranging the disputes between them. After this "Heavenly War," politics have been a part of humanity.

Now, let me take you through a tottering period of thirty years since the end of the Second World War.

Most countries keep changing every year. The US and Soviet Union were in conflict some years ago, especially because they were in the armed forces of different orders. The essence of this conflict was the struggle for power, although its nature and direction was influenced by ideology. The Soviet Union used its power in Europe and later in the Middle East and at sea. On the other hand, the United States and Vietnam were also using their powers in diverse ways to prove their superiority in the World.

During the time, for centuries, the US held the view that the boasts of Russia and China must be controlled because they were communists. At the time, Europe remained divided. Although regularly reminded of the dangers of a new European order, as in Czechoslovakia in 1968, this division reached a level of normality. And even the continuous and confirmed division of Germany itself (which would not surprise Henry Fowler) was surrounded by larger divisions.

The longevity of the order kept Yugoslavia where it was, but the mortality of long ruling right began the shift of Spain out of its restrictions and neighbouring absolute rule. And this was cracked by Portugal's impossible policies in Africa. Middle Eastern affairs have been persistently dominated throughout these thirty (30) years by the Arab-Israeli fight for Palestine. The increasing appetite of the rest of the world for oil, and the uneasy and unsure manoeuvring of the superpowers in an area has therefore continued to arouse everybody.

The British empire completely vanished away, leaving them with major problems of readjustment. Also, vast areas of Asia and Africa (where the French, Belgian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish empires also dissolved) with responsibility for their own problems were relieved only by the help which they could have twisted from the rich either directly or through such bodies as the UN, the World Bank or the European Economic Community (EEC). This seemed at first to mark a major change in the world's pattern, but by 1975, it faced the question as to whether the change was major or minor.

Latin America was one way or another mocked for their instability and inequality, which a lot of people thought they could have done better at addressing. There has been a lot of fighting and killing in the world, but none of it involved an extreme course of action. It has become accepted that the major concern of superpowers is to seek to control the nuclear arms race, and this is perhaps the most significant feature of the world political map, even though the hideous complexity of the matter has prevented this mood from being transformed into more than very partial agreements.

The other superpower, China, who was recognized as such by Roosevelt before 1945 if by few others, displayed a reservation which should probably be attributed to greatness of a different kind. This is based on its great size which has enormously complicated issues of organizing the country after a major revolution which itself came at the end of a century of wars and decay.

Next, to the threat of nuclear catastrophe, and for most of the human race, a more present threat has been poverty, squalor and starvation aggravated for many by the helpless beholding of plenty not far away. However, corruption even reduced by decolonization and by changes in mood but not yet eliminated from a world in which so elementary an evil as slavery still persists.


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Osei Agyemang

A passionate writer who creates exciting and innovative contents. Osei Agyemang is also a tourism fan who loves to travel around the world. He has studied Psychology and Journalism.

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