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Why Isn’t the Far Right Free to Accept Yes?

The mindless disconnection from Reality

By John WorthingtonPublished 11 days ago 5 min read
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Reality is something to be dealt with. I know. Astounding, huh? Isn’t that just plain old common sense? I had always heard that reality happens in life and we’re all carried along in the direction the flow reality follows. We can adjust our perceptions to accommodate abrupt changes of direction which reality throws our way. However, that change of direction seems to be out of reach of a fair percentage of the American public. That segment of the population seems to be incapable of ever taking on new ideas or adjusting current ideas to better fit the reality we find ourselves in.

This is precisely the dilemma that the far-right wing of what passes as the Republican Party is engulfed in. The biggest problem that is visible is that the Freedom Caucus cannot take yes for an answer. There are numerous examples of this mindless disconnection from what they already have in hand. The most asinine example in recent history is when Hunter Biden showed up in a committee meeting ready to testify and Jim Gomer would not allow the man to speak. The best and stupidest part of that whole chaos set was that the Republicans voted to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress. You know that Georgia Peachy can’t wait to break out her dick pics again.

The same bunch that would not allow Hunter to speak are trying to find some dirt on Joe Biden so they can impeach him. He has not done anything that they can use but they cannot simply accept they have no evidence. They’d rather make up something and then run around trying to find proof of what they made up out of whole cloth. The Biden family is pretty much kicking Republicans ass as of late. Joe has been on the job for a while now and has built up some pretty impressive five-star ratings. He’s shaved it pretty close a couple of times, to be sure, but he has consistently succeeded where his predecessor did not do as well.

Perhaps this idea is obtuse but with the Hunter testifying event Republicans had a yes in their lap and refused to pick it up. They actually yelled and screamed and made silly and childish statements about Hunter’s character. But they did not want the, yes I’m here to cooperate, answer that they got. The same is true with the lack of proof that Joe has done something wrong. It’s kind of like that old song, yes, we have no bananas and yes, we have no proof of wrong-doing. We just cannot accept that. It would be too honest and besides that would be the easy way out. It’s hard to argue with that level of logical thinking, ya know?

This inability to accept yes for an answer is really baffling if you stop and think about it for a moment. People are coming across the border to find work, for example. In other words, we have a big old pile of people at the border waiting for us to put them to work and we’re telling them to go back where they come from because we’re what? Afraid that if they make cars for us or pack meat for us their brown color will rub off on us? That obviously would not be the case if we want some work done around the house though, right? If we pick them up at that park or that filling station of wherever they hang in MyTown, why, that’s not the same. We want those people to pick our fruit, plant our tomatoes, dig our ditches, wash our dishes, cook our food, clean our houses, cut our grass, pack our food, sew our clothes and take care of our kids but we don’t want them living here as decent human beings. They even put up with our bullshit. We are just too damned stupid to take yes for an answer when it comes to them being included in our communities. Spoiler alert: They’re already here.

Now the folks in Congress are at a whole different level of yes-refusing. These boys and girls are world-class yes-refusers. Just to examine the circumstances surrounding the Speakership illuminates a number of yes-refusals. First it took 15 times to say yes to Old Kev when everyone knew already that he was the only choice on the table. They all tried their best to refuse that yes to no avail. The Congress had a perfectly good, time-tested method for removing a Speaker. But The Impatiences, aka Freedom Caucus, couldn’t leave well enough alone, which is the inverse of refusing yes because yes is already agreed-upon and in place. Nope, The Impatiences wanted to be able to arbitrarily take down a Speaker if he was not ethnically pure. Sure enough, that happened to Kev because he committed the sin of agreeing with a Democrat, namely Joe Biden.

Kev had taken yes for an answer. He had given yes for an answer and to a Democrat, the unmitigated gall. Banish that mother fxxxer to California. Next!

MagaMike to the rescue. What does he do? Well, first he punts, which was wise, and then he gave yes for an answer to Chuck Schumer, of all people, and standing in for Joe Biden, no less. Talk about insult to injury and this outrage from a bible-thumping, clean cut, horn-rimmed, homophobic, company-song singing, Alfred E. Newman clone who is a card-carrying member of the MagaClass but now has the temerity to rub salt in the wounds of The Impatiences? Apparently, MagaMike was not included on the message about never taking yes for an answer and now there can only be retribution. The Impatiences are only waiting to see if he can get that resolution passed without Democratic support. Ha. Knives out.

Et tu Chip Roy?

I don’t know this for a fact, but it might be that someone in the Republican ranks might want to rerun that AI Chatbot program and ask it to come up with a different party plank. Refusing to take yes for an answer while insisting on Orthodox Purity coupled with strict insistence on party loyalty could follow a plan which results in nothing being accomplished in a Congressional session…Again. You know, as of this writing, there are pundits who claim that MagaMike will not survive past Groundhog Day. That would not be surprising because Mikey already knows that he’s lucky to be getting the spending package he’s getting from the Senate. But the likes of Chip Roy are going to sit and pound their feet on the floor because they did not get what they think they can demand. That’s the problem with the logic or the thinking or whatever you want to call it, of the far right. They want to impress the world with their power as a Congressperson, but they do not care much for the responsibility before the world that power demands. They do the best they can, but if you start out with a cultural disadvantage, it does not become easier to hold respect when thrust upon the world stage. That’s the problem with imagined powers. It’s not the same when encountering the real world. Reality just does what it wants. It doesn’t really care if Chip and The Impatiences accept yes for an answer or not.

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