Why Are You Ranking: Best Ways to Avoid the Tax Man (or Woman) Listed from Gimme Some Money to Get Up, Stand Up

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The paying of taxes is like purchasing your ticket out of prison. But does it have to be this way?

Why Are You Ranking: Best Ways to Avoid the Tax Man (or Woman) Listed from Gimme Some Money to Get Up, Stand Up
The two men should shrug.

As of this writing, taxes, or payments for governmental services, are strictly enforced at the local, state, and federal levels. Taxes constitute for the majority of the goods and services used or purchased in this semi-free market system. To not pay them is tantamount to theft. The irony is that taxes, in this context, are theft. When an employee works 40 hours a week for eight hours a day, they expect to get every cent of the money that they worked smart for in that time frame. Instead, they see that their smart earned dollars have been siphoned into a Social Security fund that will never be the amount that is taken in the first place. It goes into the pockets of some bureaucrats, lazy folks who wish never to hold a position of employment, or to a whole host of alphabet soup organizations (DEA, OSHA, EPA, the IRS) that mean nothing and stand for nothing. This gulf between whether to pay taxes or not is one which requires the most amount of scrutiny. To not pay your taxes, you go to jail. To pay your taxes, you are an upstanding citizen who holds a grudge quietly knowing that what you are doing is harming yourself. Come time on or around April 15, you discover that you’ve been paying into system that is corrupt in its very nature. Governments are only good for protecting individual rights. That’s it. So, in order to satisfy the need for police officers, warriors, and judges, all that a constitutional republic needs is for these three agencies to fulfill that one task of safeguarding rights. So, get your tablet calculators and digital tax preparation sheets for Why Are You Ranking: Best Ways to Avoid the Tax Man (or Woman) Listed from Gimme Some Money to Get Up, Stand Up.

The Clamp of Taxation

This is how the government views your wallet.

7. Remember that you’re not sacrificing by paying your taxes.

The majority of people in the United States of America pay their taxes. Some of them hire teams of accountants to lock themselves into a room and look for every loophole, inconsistency, and inadequacy found in the tax language. They emerge from the room saving the client thousands and even millions or billions of dollars, depending on their tax bracket. It is not giving up a greater value to pay your taxes. In fact, the opposite would be true, unless you relish being sent to prison. Then that would be your value to strive to obtain. If not, you ought to pay your taxes in full and on time, every time. In fact, it would be a sacrifice, under the current tax situation, to not pay your taxes. If your highest values are your self, your freedom, your life, then it would be of great importance to stay within the law. Although it is corrupt and vicious and despicable, it is your only fight against losing your wealth, your health, and your liberty.

Rank: Gimme some money

The Shakedown

The government's on the left.

6. Property taxes should be of highest concern.

Where you live is your domain. You build up a certain amount of dollars to see that you can sustain a household. Why would you want the Internal Revenue Service to come knocking at your door ready to claim anything and everything including the structure in which you live? Managing your money ought to propel you to think about the consequences of foregoing the payments on the house. Back taxes only accumulate. So, to avoid the embarrassment and the shame for not keeping up with the payments on your own domicile, you should prepare all statements and receipts and keep every bit of documentation that is necessary to holding onto your property. By paying your bills, you’re not a sucker or a twerp. You’re a rational person who wishes to see that the home (or homes) that you worked so smart for should not be handed over to the government. The only way to block such pain and anguish is to consider the consequences of not paying. This is like the case of singer Lauryn Hill. Her tax woes present a serious conundrum. On one hand, you’re rooting for her to challenge the government. On the other, you’re screaming for her to pay for what she bought. As she pleaded guilty and served three months in prison for tax evasion, this only presents a glaring, messy view of how paying taxes ought to be volitional. Let the history of famous figures and not-so-well-known folks spur you to see just how serious the government is about stealing money from the citizens of America.

Rank: Keep the house

What's the big idea (or non-idea)?

This is what it's like to face down a problem.

5. The “Tax protestor 861 argument” may not save you.

In tax law, the tax protestor 861 argument holds that some people can be exempt from paying taxes due to not taxing sections of income. This can blow up in your face just as actor Wesley Snipes experienced. He was found guilty of three misdemeanors and sentenced to three years in prison. Is it really worth it? To circumvent the laws within the law is one thing. But to go about and actually commit crimes that could land you behind bars, it isn't worth it. As Snipes and others have realized, it is better to pay your taxes than to have the gun of the government pressed against your head saying, “pay up, or jail time.” The key to living life in the land of the free is to enjoy those freedoms. Although some of them may be eroding around us daily, it is still too risky to employ arguments against the IRS just to try to make a statement. Yes, taxes are confiscation and theft. And yes, the IRS is an abomination which needs to be abolished. But it is in no way reasonable to seek out ways to go outside the law to get around paying taxes.

Rank: Don’t try to game the system

We're here to take.

With palms out, the government steals money.

4. Be sure to make enough income and live within your means.

It is of prime importance to concern yourself with the money that you make. You already know that Uncle Sam is going to grab a huge chunk of it depending on your tax bracket, anyway. Produce enough wealth so that you will be able to hold onto whatever funds may be left over after the government makes its grab at your money. Calculate just how much the federal, state, and local taxes will be sucking from your direct deposits. Then, take into account every penny that can be saved just in case you owe the IRS more than you expected. Take care of all personal debts and keep purchases within your spending limits. It is evil for the government to take money from you, that ought to be stated. But you don’t have to feed into that immorality with unlawful tax avoidance. Think about your family and assets and valuables and values. The money that it would take the IRS to stop taxing people wouldn’t be a great amount. So, remember that your values ought to mean more to you than being locked away over the failure to submit some coins to a vicious bureaucracy.

Rank: Get your money

Let the rich live.

If they've earned it, they should keep it.

3. Eating the rich would only cause indigestion.

Some people claim that the wealthy are not “paying their fair share” of taxes. Not only is this false, but they should be paying zero taxes, just as any other class member. To drain the funds of the rich would mean to deprive (if they’ve earned it) the wealthy of the monies that they generated. If the government were to impose heavier taxes on the wealthiest among us, two things would happen (at least). In one case, those rich productive people would not be so productive anymore and the lower classes would suffer due to the lack of products, goods, and services that such individuals create. Next, the trillions of dollars that could be swallowed up by the government to pay for welfare queens and unemployment welfare kings wouldn’t even put a dent in their pocketbooks. The rich are not the problem here. The government is. Only a State where involuntary trade of dollars for the protection from evildoers and the protection of property rights in the courts should be implemented. To “eat the rich” means to cannibalize not only the wealthy, but the people who intend to stop the prosperous from enjoying the fruits of their labor. They would only be hurting themselves once they consider that the rich are that way (mostly) because they produce. They started with an idea, or the money was handed down to them, or the worked so smart that one day they discovered that they rested in the top tax bracket. All of these scenarios are rational and completely plausible. But to make the ugly, nefarious statement of “eating the rich” only breeds envy.

Rank: Make your own pie

The Woman Behind the Papers

The tax forms that hide the face.

2. The state serves the people, not the other way around.

Since the American people are highly productive, they appear as food to the bureaucrat to be devoured in any way that he wishes on a whim. The enormous amount of productiveness exhibited by Americans would give any government the look of the cartoon wolf with the teeth exposed and the fork and knife in each paw. Each year, the government rakes in trillions of dollars of smart earned money from the United States citizens. Roads, hospitals, shelters, mobile homes, major motor companies, including a whole host of other entities all receive this amount of money amongst an excess of other immoral activities that in which the government engages. The people of this country are not the indentured servants or slaves to the State. They ought not be punished for their labors in the form of coercive taxation. Only voluntary trade of funds to the government should suffice. Anything else is outright theft. And just because a group of irrationalists vote on the death of a single man does not make it right. The government is a weapon to be used to guard the people. The people exist for their own sake to their own life, liberty, property, and pursuit of their own happiness. All the government has to do is stand guard, ever vigilant against the pernicious acts of a terrorist, a crook, or to settle matters rationally in court. Service ought to only be applied to the individuals which constitute a government. Their work is not a sacrifice or selfless duty to the common man. It is a reasoned, measured way of protecting the people of a given geographic area from hurt, harm, or hazard.

Rank: The proper role

He wants you to pay your taxes.

In a bloodless revolt, he won't need you for money.

1. Be ready when the revolution comes.

Modern times have been rocked with stories of revolt and uprisings. People from all over the globe are protesting wicked regimes, people are clamoring for higher wages, and still others are shouting to have their gender to be considered opposite of what they were born to be. Where is the outrage against forced taxation? Why are no factions of people standing up to the bureaucracy and challenging the way that the IRS is bankrupting this country and doing so by outright seizure? Until the revolution comes, yes pay your taxes. But until that day, all Americans should realize that those coins that they labored for belong to them. The power of people of all classes, rich, middle class, and lower, and poor ought to band together to fight against the hellacious institution of the IRS. It is because of the thought of attempting to engage in a bloodless battle against something so widespread and embedded into the American conscious, that this fight will be a difficult one. But it ought to be fought. It is necessary to discover the morality of voluntary taxation. The work that must be done will be just as challenging. It will take years, decades, maybe a century to undo all of the damage that the IRS has perpetrated against Americans. The groundwork should be laid down now as a precursor to the complete the full revolution that will extinguish the Statist principles espoused by the government as of late. This revolution ought to occur gradually with each generation being taxed less and less. As the mold is chipped away, a beautiful sculpture should reveal a scene of absolute voluntary payment for governmental services.

Rank: Get up, stand up

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