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Why America Is Tired of the Political in Fighting

At least we should be.

By Bradley PerryPublished 5 years ago 5 min read
Washington DC really is this stupid.

On January 7, the President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, laid out his proposal for the safety and security of the southern border of this nation, to open the government back up. I know many people say it was one-sided. He said give me the wall and I'll open the government back up, and they said open the government back and we'll think about the wall. But it was much much, more than that. There were a few things he a was able to accomplish.

First, he was able to once again, fool the media into not only making him one of the most polarizing figures in American political history but also brought millions of Americans together, for just 10 minutes! I know you are thinking, "10 minutes? Woohoo!" but look at what he did! He was able to bring people from all walks of life, of all backgrounds and creeds and upbringings, and political ideology together for 10 whole minutes and he made a very compelling case. For the first time in almost three decades, he compelled people to watch what a President had to say, and they were polarized while doing it! Think about this. He was able to bring people together when all we are told is he is the divider and chief.

He was also able to say his piece and, I think, make a compelling case for why a wall is needed, and why he feels the funding is a good thing. Now you can say many things about Trump, and many may be true, while many may not be true. But one thing remains constant. He is able to get a point across in a way that gets everyone thinking and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we come together as Americans and think and possibly even talk and come up with a solution. How nice would that be? He made an excellent point as well. That point was all of the politicians have walls and armed security not because they want to keep people out, though I do disagree with him on that, but because they love the people on the inside and they want to keep everyone within the walls safe. Wow! That is a powerful statement and he also makes you think about things in a different light. Here are the facts on the border and the shutdown. The shut down is a political football that both sides are trying desperately to push forward. Every single American can agree the government needs to open back up and get back to work. I also think every American can admit there is nothing wrong with immigration, as long as it is LEGAL!!

The fact is we have a crisis, whether you admit it or not. We have a huge drug problem in this country. In fact, the majority of marijuana, fentanyl, meth, heroin, and cocaine come from Mexico. The actual number is 90 percent! Folks, I want you to think about this fact! What if we could virtually eliminate our illegal drug problem, overnight! What a wonderful world we would live in. These are the top four crimes committed by illegal immigrants,

  1. DUI
  2. Assault on a woman
  3. Trafficking of narcotics
  4. Indecent liberties with a minor!

Think about those crimes. What civilized person engages in these acts? Civilized people, don't. Yet these are the top crimes committed by illegals every year. There is a clear and simple solution to the problem. Limit the number of people that come into the country, and investigate them. If they are criminals or just here to mooch off of our system, send them back.

It gets better though. Our leaders, our elected leaders, think you are too simple-minded to understand the complexities of the situation, therefore you can not be allowed to make the decision. On Christmas night, a police officer in California was shot and killed during a traffic stop. He was in the country illegally and was stopped while on his way back to Mexico. When outgoing governor Jerry Brown was questioned about his policies on being a sanctuary state, he placed the blame on the officers who let him go, even though his policies stated they had to! Does that sound like intelligent thinking to you? Alexandria Osacio-Cortez stated people are to caught up on facts to do the right thing! ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Take Kamala Harris. She was in a meeting for confirmation on the ICE chief, and compared ICE to the KKK! Then got upset when he denied that ICE and ICE agents are like the Klan and Klansmen. Did you hear that in the MSM? Of course, you didn't, because it wouldn't further their agendas. I know people will stay in their bubbles and that's what they rely on. You see, the media and the politicians all rely on you being completely oblivious to what is really going on. In fact, they need you to be clueless so they can go unabated and do all the things they claim to be against, while you go on watching American Idol and other reality TV shows and fantasize over things they know you will never have. To drive the point home, they make you envy the very people you want to be like, and then you start to get upset and want them to make everything, "equal." To further insult your intelligence, the extreme liberal Hollywood elite is also making you envy the wealthy, but not them! No, no, they are making you hate the ones who dare to disagree with them! Again, you do their bidding and are none the wiser.

So why are the politicians being stupid, you may be asking right now? All I have done is tell you how we the people are sleeping and they know that. You see, The politicians are stupid because they think we are all asleep. We know, however, we are not all asleep and more and more of us wake up each day. Regardless of who you blame for the government shutdown, they are all to blame. Is Trump being a bit too stubborn? Sure he is! Are the Democrats being too stubborn? You bet they are! Are you buying into the rhetoric from both sides and listening to the lies they are selling you? Yep! Hook, line, and sinker! I also know that all in all, the people in this country are ready to stand and tell the politicians that we are sick and tired of their crap, and we are watching and we will replace them and anyone else until we have the right people in office. Show them that we are tired of them thinking we are mushrooms who need their bull and being kept in the dark to survive. Together we can show them we are ready to have a government that is once again, by, for, and of the people.


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Bradley Perry

A former police officer from N.C. and also a medical professional. I write and have my own preparedness, security, and safety contracting and consulting firm. We also use drones. I also do blogs and have a podcast called The Blue View News.

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