What We the People Could Do About the Constitution

by Iria Vasquez-Paez 7 months ago in voting

How Would We Fix It?

What We the People Could Do About the Constitution

We’ve seen Amendments to the Constitution but I’m going to go out on a limb and say we need to rewrite it for modern times stating that men and women get equal work for equal pay, that we are all equal no matter where we come from, and that birthright citizenship will always exist. We need to define what America means to us. We can’t let somebody else do it, we have to have everybody’s input, which is why the Internet exists. We don’t have to do this with a drop of blood spilled either.

The tension we have right now is dividing us. Some of us agree on certain things, while others of us do not necessarily see eye-to-eye. Eventually everybody will see one thing though, and it might scare them. The thing is, we need to band together. Certain things need to be done. We cannot afford a huge economic collapse again, we can’t afford more war, because some things simply have to be stopped. We are on our own with various situations. If the bomb is dropped again, we are on our own. We do not have any kind of help from outside this planet.

We have to fix ourselves. We should focus on our own problems. Not that there aren’t other countries with worse problems, but what about ours? We’ve followed our system of government for 243 years. History is repeating itself. We are making the same mistakes we haven’t learned from. You’d think the human race would have learned from our mistakes by now. We haven’t. We need to. We are not learning from the past, we may yet be doomed. I’m not going to make this all doom and gloom though, because our technology is advancing at incredible rates.

Unless that is, we get bombed into the Stone Age again, for not resolving the lack of freedom on this planet in a civil way. Other countries have worse situations going on that we don’t bother to pay attention to. The health care crisis is only one of our problems. Income inequality is another major issue that is being tackled. We cannot mess things up this time around. If you’ve watched Ancient Aliens, you know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the other times the human race has failed, the times when we shot ourselves in the foot with Atlantis.

This time we cannot mess up. You cannot just follow the rules and do what you are told when the time comes, if that actually winds up happening. Yes, this is cryptic, read into it however you like, I’m only trying to evade censorship if it comes to that. I’m talking about history repeating itself, hello? The human race has many bad habits like that. But anyway, we need to work towards a more just planet in general. I mean we are not the only country out there with problems. Some countries deal with way more sexism than we have for one. Like the ones that don’t let women drive or only recently let women drive.

I’m asking everybody to think critically here. The news says one thing, your gut tells you something else. We are about to witness a huge change on the planet, a peaceful change in administrations to whomever is coming next if that change is meant to happen, since the current was not supposed to happen, and there are personality issues that some factions are trying to address. But anyway, yes, in the coming years, we have to get out and vote, and I mean everybody. Millenials, and Generation Xers, we outnumber Baby Boomers. Get out and vote, because that is the only way to make real change happen, by using the ballot.

Iria Vasquez-Paez
Iria Vasquez-Paez
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