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What I Would Do if I Were President

by Johann Hollar 2 years ago in opinion

Not That I Plan on That

What I Would Do if I Were President
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"I'm no leader. I do what I have to do. Sometimes, people come with me." —Edgar Friendly, from the movie Demolition Man

There is more to this quote from one of my all-time favourite films, but it is rather beside the point and has a curse word. But it does pretty much describe me as a leader.

I mean, you think Obama had it easy despite all the crap that he put up with? I am not talking about the racism and intolerance towards him and his supporters like yours truly, or even the crap the politicians gave him. I am talking about the duties that were expected of him.

The economics, politics, and all the other crap that would get thrown my way, I would probably be the first president to die in office from alcohol poison.

Putting that aside, I, of course, have many ideas for what I would do if I had somehow become president.

Abolish the Electoral College

You knew I was going to say this, weren't you?

These morons royally screwed up not once by letting Bush Jr. into the White House, but twice with who the American people wanted as a leader.

They had a chance to prevent scum like Trump from entering the White House, but no, they had to give him his victory instead of Hilary Clinton, the rightful President of the United States.

They failed the country and therefore to avoid more such mistakes again I would have such a useless group abolished.

End the War on Drugs

This racist endeavour was established by Nixon in the 1970s and has unlawfully detained many people, some of who which need medical marijuana for that purpose. Not to mention that it has given law enforcement an excuse to unlawful to enter a person's house without a warrant.

Disband the ICE and Border Patrol

llegally deporting citizens who have been here for a long time, sexually assaulting the children who are being illegally detained and just recently firing tear gas at the oncoming caravan of immigrants.

They need to answer to these charges and they should be charged with terrorism. The families need to be reunited and the immigrants allowed in.

As for the border itself, it needs to be dissolved.

Fine corporations heavily if they try to ship jobs overseas.

Immigrants don't steal jobs, people like the Kock Brothers and Donald Trump steal jobs.

If corporations were to ship jobs overseas on my watch, I would have them fined so much, they might as well keep the jobs here.

Raise Taxes on the Rich

Before I do that I would make Wall Street pay for causing the financial crisis of 2008. Then I would raise taxes on their slimy hides.

Overturn Citizens United

The Supreme Court overstepped its boundaries in 2010 when they decided that corporations are people. Unlimited contributions to politicians that these parasites mean further corruption in politics.

Abolish Creationist Vouchers in Schools

Too many people in the country have such a problem with evolution being taught in public schools, that they would stoop as low as to have Creationism taught.

Not going to happen on my watch. Schools will teach science and philosophy. The next generation needs to think for themselves before they can be adults.

Stronger Gun Laws

What else can I say? I hate school shootings.

Zero Tolerance on White Privilege in the Legal System

The fact that the law is too selfish or stupid to end this sort thing is what really baffles me. Why is it so hard to criminalize white people that commit horrible crimes like the Affluential Teen but when it comes to people like Michael Brown they are gunned down like dogs?

This needs to stop. The blue wall of silence needs to be torn down and any judge who protects a white person, no matter how privileged are, will do the time with them.


This country has far too many problems even before the Orange Fuhrer illegally entered the White House. I can't state them all, but you probably know what they are anyway.

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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