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Welcome to the 30 under 30 Summit

Hosted by Forbes Magazine, and the city hosted is Cleveland, Ohio.

By Louise BlakePublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Welcome to the 30 under 30 Summit
Photo by David Suarez on Unsplash

This year this event was hosted by the city of Cleveland. It was the first time I ever attended something so extravagant. I know it won't be the last of course.

The event is for three days promoting the best of the best young entrepreneurs who are blossoming authors, poets, independent film markets, and more.

The 30 under 30 Summit hosted by Forbes magazine in the city of Cleveland was this year.

Day One was a trip:

It was Sunday I did some light networking. It was exhausting because of the cold weather. It's difficult to walk around in the cold when it is Chicago vibe weather. So, on my way home I used the Brella App to network and one Marketing/Advertiser of many careers messaged me back.

Her name is Kristin Garcia she is a model, marketing advertising, blogger, author, and poet. She promotes new upcoming authors, bloggers, poets, independent filmmakers, and photographers.

She is a great woman, with wonderful resources. A great asset to anyone who wants to work with her.

Day 2 The Brilla Lounge

I am very lucky to have met her at the 30 under 30 Forbes Summit. She has given me a lot to think about and so many potential doors to be open. If you click on her Instagram like I have sent to all who read this follow her and send her a message she will reach out to you.

Everyone doubted this woman is probably regretting it right now. She has defined these odds she is willing to collaborate with new clients.

When I met with Kristin Garcia at the Brilla Loungue at the Summit she says, "Emily there is only up, the opportunities are limitless. This is the first of many to come you have many blessings to come."

Kristin has a strong influence and great determination to make it. If Kristin can do it, and I can do it anyone can.

I haven't met Matthew yet, but I am hoping to get a few quotes from him. I want to know more about him the only thing I know about Matthew so far. He is an independent filmmaker and Stylist. I hope to meet him on day three and take photos with my new Collaborator.

These kinds of summits are the first of many. I was to be honest a little skeptical partly because I wasn't sure of what to think.

Kristin isn't like most people who work in California or Hollywood. She is a down-to-earth woman to speak to and network with your brand to. She will take the time to listen as long as aren't fake. As a writer, she will ask to be a collaborator and make real promises she can deliver.

Matt as I have spoken about is a new upcoming independent Filmmaker and stylist. He works with models from time to time.

As an author, attending this summit I learned something there is more to just an organic audience. I am promoting a brand of my own, and also promoting my Collaborator as well.

I will be writing more on day 3 and hopefully be able to add photos of the events.

If you had asked me this would be my life five years ago I would have never believed you. As long as you work hard for what you want and know the right people anything is possible.

Writing is more then just what goes on Vocal we are sharing our passions yes. To have meet Kristin Garcia, and to be able to share this on Vocal this is everything I thought it would be.

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