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The TikTok Cult

Some of these quotes and material might be very graphic to manipulation so please be advised.

By Emily AurelienPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The TikTok Cult
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Tiktok we are all familiar with this platform, like most social media platforms there is a darkside. Scam artists are the one place you can find on social media. What I am about to give is something that might be daunting? This needs to me brought to light on Vocal, there is a new cult that has been on social media since 2022, I am calling them the TikTok Cult.

The mastermind of this cult is none other then Andra Pickens a "legally blind" man.

The face of this cult is the handle is very manipulative classes she is teaching, such as Parenting Classes for phase two. So I started to think could this be the next Alison Mack?

I left a message below hoping I could get a quote, from someone and I couldn't believe my eyes. This is wear undereducated, and stupidity comes in.

This is just pure ignorance at it's finest. What worked great branding women? The Trafficking? The pyramid scheme? I didn't want to engage into to much because with people like this there is no changing their minds. They are two far gone to know.

Just by this statement, you can tell this woman isn't a follower. She could be a scam artist herself. She could be a member of this cult. But it seems like the other members that are targetted into joining have huge followings on social media or Discord. To spread more, this is so corruption at it's finest.

I looked up the word TikTok Cult which is a huge trend and actually a fandom. Regardless, Usually a cult has an image or person centering all around it. Most cults also use scams to for themselves to benefit the riches.

According to Julie who has been studying this "cult" for almost a year it's not quite a cult yet. Personally, I think it's already there. But she could be right.

Social media has changed our world as we know it. I just never thought this would ever happen. For a "group of people" trying to create a community by charging money for support.

Unfortunately, I never got a quote from her. Maybe she is spending time with her family or something. Maybe I might get a surprise quote from her.

When you keep reading the same thing over and over again "problems" this is a form of hypnosis and manipulation.

I left a message on Julie's TikTok reel "They need Jesus". They call it manifesting what you want. But it's not. It's far from the truth.

They have ebooks and paperback called Quantum Networking by Sam Rossi and Andra Pickens. This true brainwashing and the beginning of a major cult.

Oh my god, Mandy couldn't survive my life. Being homeless isn't a choice.

The definition of quantum networks form an important element of quantum computing and quantum communication systems.

An MLM is a multi level Marketing strategy is real businesses. Now scam artists or cult leaders use this for their own personal use to get a following. Never thought I would ever see this strategy on social media because the government and homeland security watches the internet. I think one of these days social media will be very even more of an obsession then it is right now.

I have come up with the perfect label for this cult I am naming them the TikTok Cult. I think this will be the most interesting for everyone to read about. I know I am enjoying writing about it researching it.

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