We Remember in November

by Johann Hollar about a year ago in opinion

When the Blue Tide Arrived

We Remember in November

After two years of having to put up with the crap that the Orange Fuhrer (Donald Trump) has done to this country, the Democrats have taken back the house.

It's time to take down the traitor-in-chief, and remind the Republicans that that are consequences for betraying the American people and defending the scum that is the Trump administration.

It's time to remind the bigots and fear-mongers that, no matter what they do to threaten people, we won't back down.

It is also time to remind Putin and his tyrannical oligarchy that the United States of America is yours no more.

The Blue Tide has arrived and those who still stand with Trump will drown in it.

You, the Trump supporters, have spent the past two years threatening people of different walks of life with your hateful rhetoric, your fearmongering, your ignorance and your unwillingness to move forward with progress.

You created this, Trump supporters. Your hatred for Obama, the Democrats and their supporters like myself has created this.

You could not see the damage he was doing to this country as the various Hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, Texas and Atlantic states. He gave no aid or support of any kind for them.

You could not see that he was a traitor to the country and won the presidency with the help of a foreign government. He committed treason to come to power. By supporting him, you are also committing treason.

You could not see the fact that, while you were worshipping him and creating a cult of personality based on him, he was planning to rob you, cheat you, steal from you and blame everyone, including yourselves, for it. Yet, you still follow him like lambs to the slaughter.

You could not see that he was using you as pawns for his intolerant ways. You may threaten, murder, kill, intimidate or assault people that he attacks with his hateful ways, but it is you, his supporters, that will pay for the crimes, and he will not help you.

You could not see how badly he disrespected the veterans. Real Americans who served the country and yet he mocked their PTSD and insulted the family of Captain Humayun Khan. Meanwhile, you, his supporters, hid behind your false notions of patriotism, your arsenal of firearms and the pitiful concept that somehow you can start and win the next American Civil War. You're just a bunch of cowardly chicken hawks like your glorious leader.

You could not see how he has treated women. He treats them like breeding material and devices for pleasure. He then gets bored of them, and dumps them for someone much younger and just as dumb as he is. He then, of course, appeals to your chauvinistic ways and, along with Pence, strips women of their reproductive rights and their ability to make a decent living because you'd rather have them stay at home than being something better. Why any woman would want your lot is a mystery to me.

The Blue Tide that swept over American was you're doing, Trump supporters, and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

While you helped the Orange Fuhrer cage children, start a trade war and further erode our Democracy, we were fighting against such things.

We fought for women's reproductive rights.

We fought for the immigrants that you wanted to deport.

We fought against the bigotry and intolerance you helped him promote.

We fought to make sure that affordable care could remain.

So, before you Trump-loving scum call me and my fellow liberals snowflakes, or even Nazis,

We Remember, in November, when the Blue Tide arrived.

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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