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We Are ONE Race In ONE Fight So Stop Fighting And Stand United

by Alex Marie Wolf 11 months ago in opinion

By Alexys Levesque

We Are ONE Race In ONE Fight So Stop Fighting And Stand United
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Has it truly come down to this you may ask? Is the world really full of racism? Some say there used to be slaves back in the day while some say that there still are some slaves! Why you may ask? What causes this kind of behavior in people? Some people say it’s just how “they” are! Acting as though it is all the blame of the color on ones skin but how is that even possible? How can one human being stand against another human being just because their skin is darker? How can one human being say the rest are not like you because of skin color? Does any of what you say make sense you may wonder? This might help you to decide.

Many people are rude to each other in our day to day lives. They discriminate each other, they hurt one another all becouse of different skin color. They even hate on the same “race” as them all for liking or being friends with a different “race” person. But let me ask this, do any of you truly know what makes a person darker skinned? If not, take a moment to learn because in the end you would see they are actually just like you! Being born in a different country or growing up with a different family is the only thing that truly separates them from you, but only because the environment was different for them and because each family is of its own rules, customs, and traditions but not because of the color of their skin!

A persons color actually comes from where they grow up. If you grow up closer to the equator your body will produce something called melanin and that is what can make the skin darker, because the more melanin your body produces the darker the skin whereas the less melanin your body produces the lighter your skin is. Melanin is actually a pigment and it is what decides your skin color for you. It’s not like you pick it yourself. That is why many people from different countries have different color skin because of the difference in exposure to the sun and how much of the sun they take in everyday of their lives compared to the lives of other people.

So now you may ask, so what makes us different after all? We don’t pick our color the earth, and the sun, and our body’s production of melanin due to sun and heat and natural things. It’s not like a person in the womb can say “I wanna be born white or slightly dark skin, but not too dark or I wanna be born as dark as they come. NO THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS! So stop thinking it is. Everyone is different yes, but not because skin color. We are different because everyone is raised different by their own mom or dad or maybe even raised by a grandma or grandpa but never are we different from skin color. Maybe we are different not just because a different parent raised us but because each separate family has it’s own traditions that they hold dear and close and they may have different rules or views of respect or responsibility. Never by color are we different. We are all one race. That’s not Black or White or Spanish or French NO!!!! We are the HUMAN RACE! We are all a human all born the same way, raised in our mothers womb and then born maybe. Maybe we are born differently. As a mother can give birth in different ways and can also be born early or late or just on time.

In the end we are all the same though we are the human race so please people for the sake of your life, or maybe your neighbors, or someone on the other side of the Earth, let’s end racism on this one thought that we have discussed today! Knowing we are all one race, that there is no need to discriminate or hate or even murder one of your own because maybe they just look different to you but they are still like you. They have a life, a family, a friend, and they are human just like you so they only have so long to live their life, so instead of taking it away from them or making it harder, be a part of it. Help them or help yourself even. Help them and yourself by being their friend and then do what you would normally do with your friends with them. Hang out with them, tell funny stories, share laughs, share sad stories, share some tears, but just do it together and then you will see ur not so different after all because you are both human!

With the way the world is going we need to unite all of us together, the human race as a whole. We need to get together not tear eachother apart. Separate the differences you do have and use them to stand stronger together. Because in the end when the whole world comes to an end due to pollution or bad politics or something else you will at least be together not apart still fighting for your lives separately. Everyday a person is killed by another person and they do it because they think of violence against a different person because they are not like them, maybe instead of violence when u take someone’s like sit there and think about how you took someone’s family member, someone’s friend. And then sit there and think what if it was you or what if your next. It would hurt all those you love right? So instead of watching it happen on tv or being the one pulling the trigger, let’s stop it. Let’s end the fight that we call racism and let’s stand together! Let’s stand tall! Let’s stand proud! Let’s stand as ONE... And not as all the colors or all the races as ONE, but as the HUMAN RACE!!! No more racism, no more hate, no more discrimination, just friendship and love and the caring hearts and minds of each other. After all we are just one big nation living on one Earth together so let’s start acting like it!

When push comes to shove and something happens to u but nobody is around but someone of different skin tone would you ask them for help or let them help you? Or would you sit there suffering refusing because they just look different? Are you really gonna say that you are better off alone than to accept help and mend that bridge of hate that separates you all? Will you always let the thought of racism cloud your judgment or will you stand up and help be the reason that racism will end? Maybe instead of fearing for your life because u know u have been racist before, you can change your ways, change that thought about racism. Because in the end you are all just humans.

I mean come on it’s being taken to far! Cops pulling people over because the person driving is black. That’s a stupid excuse and makes them look bad on their part because they let themselves believe that it was for safety reasons. I mean is that really the case, or is it because you couldn’t stand the thought of seeing a person of different color on the road than what you are used to seeing? If that’s the case why be a cop? Why the need to be scared just because someone’s skin is just a little different? I mean come on under that blue suit you are just another person. At the end of the day when u go home that night after pulling someone over another person that is just like you because you tell yourself it’s just for safety measures? How do you feel when you go home at night? Or maybe you shot someone because you thought they were dangerous, what do you tell yourself before you go to bed? Do you believe yourself? How do you feel knowing what you just did?you separated a person from you and made them feel low all because they look different. Because you sure as hell just ruined their night. Did it ruin yours too? Do you feel any better doing what you did? Or do you just tell yourself that you do so you don’t self destruct yourself for that horrible thing you just did? Because in the end of the night when you go to bed and they go to bed you are both just a human no different from eachother.

So maybe to all the cops, doctors, sports players, judges, and just every person in general stop and think when you see a person that looks a little different and maybe be nice for once, say hi and be nice to them instead of pointing a gun and shooting first or hurting them mentally. Try to care and show compassion like you would with your other friends and watch as a friendship could bloom! Shortly after that the world would be better. Shootings would decline and end, lowering death rates and wars, also emptying jails if we actually worked together and not against each other! So give it a try from now on. See how it works.


Alex Marie Wolf

I love my life I have a precious baby and I want to get into writing anything personal and not personal and sharing it with the world

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Alex Marie Wolf
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