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Walking in the road

Walking in the road

By Brittany DebuskPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Walking in the road of life, there will always be thorns and frustrations, there will be flowers and applause. When you are not satisfied, when you can not stick to it, when you are in pain, you have to learn to tell yourself, if I am not brave, who is strong for me? When others are hurt, we always gently comfort others, tell others to be strong, but where is strong just talk about it so easy? In the face of pain and frustration, who has not been helpless and cry? The wind of the years has blown, confused the picture of history, I saw Bai Juyi's "this is the end of the world reduced people, why have met each other" helpless, also saw Su Dongpo's "ten years of life and death two boundless, do not think, since unforgettable" space and time two separated grief, and Li Shangyin's "This situation can be remembered, but at that time has disconsolate" look back and sigh. The cold and warm in the world, feeling is also heartless, later sad just because we have paid, felt, really, seriously, but finally passed away. It's like the wheels of history never come back. When the song ends, we finally choose to forget, choose to let go... In the complicated world, who can not be bound by the affairs of the world? You only see Lin Huiyin shining talent, but few people know that her childhood is so unsatisfactory, you see Hawking's great wisdom, but who has experienced the pain of his physical defects? There is a saying that life is not satisfactory, nine out of ten, why not often think one or two? Yeah, we weren't born to suffer. The world has given us enough rules and regulations, why make ourselves so prudishness? Time flows, we choose to be strong, we choose to live out our own. Just like a child, with the most innocent smile, so that their soft heart can resist all the wind and sand, so that their mind is flexible into an unbreakable barrier. Su Dongpo in the "water tune song" once said, "the moon has Yin and Qing, people have joys and sorrows, this matter is difficult to complete." I think if it is so philosophical, it must have taken Su Dongpo a long time to understand the impermanence of this world! "If life is only like the first time" I think this is the expression of disappointment to a person, if a person is just getting better and better, every day is the first time, why do you want to recite the Naran words with sadness? All the way bumpy, stumbling, and finally have to step by step forward. Years this river so push us to the future, go, go, do not look back. So we can't predict the changing future, whether we want to or not, we choose, or calm, or to be strong. We can cry, can be disappointed, can be helpless, but please remember, the years will always wash away everything, you have to survive the period of dark days. Believe that you will finally live as gracefully as a dancer. The world is raining, I choose to smile. The world is crying, I choose to be strong.There are a lot of things, are slowly slipping in my memory, I gradually forget, but that thing, but let me for a long time can not forget. It is like a ray of sunshine, brushing my heart. I remember that it was a hot summer, I had a high fever, and my parents took turns to take care of me every day. But one day, I was so sick that I had a real pain in my head and a fire in my throat. Everything blurred before my eyes, my legs could not help but go soft. Mother had to take me to the hospital, but when we were ready to go out, the mother's unit called, said that there was an emergency to mother to go, and dad also had an emergency to pull out of the body, helpless, had to call grandpa, let grandpa to accompany me to the hospital. After a while, Grandpa came and saw my weak appearance, he felt very unhappy, he said: "Why don't I carry you?" Then he started to carry me on his back, and I quickly said, "Don't you have a lumbar disease?" What if it happens again while carrying me? "Don't worry! Come up quickly." In this way, I climbed on Grandpa's back. Down the stairs, outside the public shaking hand to hold the stairs step by step underground, inadvertently, sweat soaked grandpa's shirt, I know grandpa's waist disease. I quickly said to Grandpa that all sweat head: "Grandpa you put me down." But grandpa did not put me down at all, from my home to the hospital to take two buses, grandpa in these two buses on the way did not put me down, I can not imagine how grandpa withstand the huge pain, has been carrying me on the back without saying a word? To the hospital, my grandfather did not rest, but after settling me down, running east and west for me to register and take medicine. Soon after, my grandfather accompanied me to the intravenous drip. Looking at Grandpa's mountain. Body, I fell asleep... ... I can not forget grandpa's love for me, he used love and body to prop up a day for me, he used his own action to set up a mountain for me, grandpa's love and action, has been warming my heart.

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