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Voting Reform Would Put Sir Keir in Power.

Anybody Rather than Sunak.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Voting Reform Would Put Sir Keir in Power.
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Sky News a while ago launched a voting panel representing people from across the UK. Many who had voted in 2019, the last general election were present on this panel.

The one party that stuck out above all others was Nigel Farage's Brexit Party. The party now known as Reform, now led by Richard Tice. Many on the panel did not know what the other parties stood for.

Many said they liked Reform because because they knew what it stood for. Big policies, its characters, its aims, its vibe. No doubt, many of these are former Tory voters and those who voted for the Brexit Party in 2019.

The fact that Reform had cut through and made itself known is remarkable. Given the fact that Reform receives little to no coverage with the BBC, ITV, Sky, etc. Reform only receives coverage on right-leaning outlets like GB News and Talk TV. The Reform Party for many would not jump out at them on a ballot paper, unless, you had already heard of them. For as many liked Richard Tice, Nigel Farage and The Reform Party, many did not. Joshua, a younger voter said Tice and Farage should be sent back to the fringes of politics, where they belong. Joshua said, said Tice and Farage, were just "Sad, angry, men". Joshua intends to vote for Labour as soon as a general election is called.

Whereas Alison, a 65-year-old woman from Lewes, Sussex, said she liked Reform. Why, because they represented everything she wanted. She said they wanted to "make Britain as it was and make the country again". Alison, by all accounts, will be placing her X in the box for Reform.

Many are threatening to vote for Reform, as a warning, for Sunak to get His act together. Others will vote for Reform because they are thoroughly sick to the back teeth of Sunak. They know voting for Reform will hand the keys of 10 Downing Street, to Sir Keir Starmer. Many of these pro-Reform voters don't care, as long as it stops Sunak, Hunt, and the whole rotten edifice of this government from regaining power.

The UK voting system of voting is peculiar. 'The First Past The Post System' allows for two large, parties that is, the Conservatives and Labour. Therefore, fringe parties like Reform, UKIP, Greens, etc, are stopped from gaining any large representation in parliament. The one exception of course is the Green's one and only MP: Caroline Lucas.

Attempts have been made to reform (no pun intended) the UK's antiquated voting system. A vote was once put to the country over this, however, this referendum did not change anything. The referendum was part of the deal set up between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives in 2010. The idea was that for supporting David Cameron (now back as Foreign Secretary) the Tories would allow Nick Clegg a referendum on proportional representation. This is a system, whereby all parties, are more equally represented and voters have a wider choice of parties to vote for. Of course, parties other than Labour or Conservative can stand in 'The First Past The Post' system but as explained under this system do not usually get anywhere. Proportional Representational allows people to vote for alternatives (rather than Conservative and Labour) and ensures these other parties get more MPs in parliament. I feel it is high time, our outdated system was updated, but will it be?

Meanwhile, this out-of-touch, corrupt, sham of government, just limps on. As Sir Keir points out often at Prime Minister's Questions Sunak carries on as if "everything is fine, nothing to see here, move on"! The term 'lame duck' has been used for many failing governments over the years and that term is exactly what Sunak's administration is.


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