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Rev. Al Sharpton Accuses UK of Islamophobia.

Reverend Sharpton: Genuine or An Opportunist?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Muslims at Prayer.

Controversial so-called 'civil-rights' Leader Rev. Al Sharpton has accused the UK of being 'Islamophobic'. Sharpton was speaking to Sky News about the suspended Tory MP Lee Anderson.

Lee Anderson said London Mayor Sadiq Khan, has allowed Islamists to run London. Anderson was referencing pro-Palestinian protestors and the Palestinian flag being emblazoned across Big Ben (allegedly). Mr. Anderson, despite being suspended by Rishi Sunak, has refused to apologise for his remarks.

Sharpton is currently in the UK, to get members of black churches to vote. Sharpton is an ordained American minister who was ordained in the Pentecostal Church in 1964. Since then, Sharpton has been a campaigner for equality and justice. In the US, whenever there is alleged or real racism, especially towards Black Americans, he is there. Some see him as a genuine campaigner, and others see him as a political opportunist. Either way, this man will not be silenced on such issues.

Rev. Sharpton described Lee Anderson's comments on Khan, as "Despairingly racist". The Tory party, as Sharpton sees it, is allowing various forms of racism, Islamophobia, and Homophobia to grow. The Reverend said, "It divides communities". Of course, the Rev. has a point, such right-wing spoutings will harm community cohesion. However, does not Lee Anderson, whether you agree with him or not, also have the right to espouse his views? No doubt, Sharpton has said what some would also interpret as offensive to white people. How you see a popular figure's views depends on how you roll politically, religiously, etc.

It also has to be said, that Islamophobia is a correct term, if you do not like Muslims. However, the term 'racist' as termed by Sharpton and Khan, is incorrect. Muslims are not a race, anyone can be a Muslim, just as anyone can be a Christian or any other faith, come to that.

Despite Lee Anderson being suspended no condemnation of Islamophobia has been forthcoming. Attacks on Muslims and Jews have increased since the war on Gaza started circa October 7, 2023. There have been pro-Palestinian protests and likewise, pro-Israeli protests. Not just in the UK mind, but all over the world. This conflict, if you can call it that has gone on for months now. The issue has divided people from political, religious, and from all points of view and none.

The latest news is there is supposed to be a 40-day ceasefire coming up. Where the last Israeli hostages in Gaza will be released together with Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. It will be a 40-day respite (if it happens) for the Gazans bombed, blasted, and hounded by the IDF.

Netanyahu says even if this ceasefire comes into effect, he is determined to press on and launch an invasion of the city of Rafah. A million Gazans are now living in that tented city. If the IDF goes in, it will be a massacre of the innocents and a bloodbath.

Whether Hamas hides amongst the public or not, not all Gazans are Hamas members or even Hamas supporters. All they want to do is put money on the table, feed their kids and keep their heads above water, like us mere mortals.

Likewise, on the Israeli side, not all Israelis support the war aims or support Bibi Netanyahu and his cabal of Jewish Nazis. Many Israelis want a deal with Hamas to let their family members come home. Many want an end to the war too, and a lasting peace, with the Palestinians.

One has to ask the question though, are Sharpton and Anderson, just two sides of the same coin? Both are speaking out and challenging the status quo, aren't they?

Anderson is seen as the criminal in this case. Whereas Sharpton is seen by many as a campaigner for peace and justice. Make no mistake, however, many will agree with Anderson's views. Just as many will agree with Sharpton's views. As I said before, many will support either man, at the end of the day, it is swings and roundabouts.


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