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UK Dispatches HMS Diamond.

Type 45 Destroyer.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
UK Dispatches HMS Diamond.
Photo by James Dant on Unsplash

There is always a danger that the conflict between Hamas and Israel could spill over into a wider war. Besides, the actual Hamas-Israel conflict in Gaza, Yemen and Hezbollah, have been engaged in lobbing missiles, into Israel. Missiles have also been fired from Syria. Israel has hit back with artillery attacks, missile strikes, drones, and bombing from aircraft. Even the US, based in Iraq and Syria, has come under attack. The US has bombed some of these groups, all supposedly, backed by Iran.

The US has sent a task force in the Med comprising two aircraft carriers and other vessels. So, that it will, be seen, as a deterrant to those who would intervene on Hamas's behalf. Hezbollah, and Houthis in Yemen, by acting in support of Hamas are engaged in this conflict. By their very action of attacking Israel. However, in Hezbollah's case, the attacks have been light. Hezbollah has not unleashed its full force shows Hezbollah, as yet, does not want a full-scale conflict. Iran doesn't want a full-scale war either. Maybe the US warships are a deterrent to Israel's enemies.

These warships have massive firepower and could do a lot of damage if Hezbollah, Iran, Yemen, etc, upgraded to a full-scale war with Israel. That said, the US and other Western powers in the area don't want a full scale either. Iran, Hezbollah, Yemen, Turkey, etc, have formidable weapons themselves. Hezbollah, for example, has Iran supplied anti-ship missiles that could destroy the US carriers.

A ship linked to Israel was hijacked and taken over by Yemeni naval forces (mainly Houthis). A US warship and other ships in the Red Sea were attacked by Yemeni drones and missiles. However, the US warship was able to destroy and blunt the attack. Yemeni armed forces officers appear at a podium talking about their actions against Israel and Israeli Allied forces. Just like the Israelis, get a military spokesperson, to talk about what Israel is doing in the field. All these talks are mostly propaganda and no doubt, economical with the truth. The aim is to build up their successes and play down the actions of the enemy.

The UK is sending an extremely advanced Type 45 Destroyer to the area. To deal with enemy missiles and attacks. HMS Diamond is the destroyer being sent to join other British vessels like the Type 23 Frigate. The dispatching and deployment of HMS Diamond is quite a serious move. Certainly, it will be or may be seen, as a deterrent by would-be attackers. It may also, be seen, as a challenge and a threat. The actions by Western forces in support of Israel and those in support of Palestine, are indeed, a ratcheting up.

Meanwhile, since the end of the ceasefire, Israel and Hamas have gone back on the offensive. In a sense, Hamas, broke the terms of the ceasefire, by attacking Israeli civilians in Tel-Aviv. Hamas started firing rockets into Israel, as the ceasefire ended. Israel responded by launching bombing raids. Not only in the north but in the south, around the city of Khan Younis. Palestinians were told to flee there, while Israel, levelled Gaza City. Now, Israel is telling Palestinians, to get out of Khan Younis. Israel has started to directly attack on the ground and in the air. Leaflets and QR codes have been sent to Gazan civilians to move towards the border with Eqypt. To a so-called, safe area, but this area is just a barren wasteland.

There are no aid agencies there or UN staff waiting for the refugees. They will be in the open, exposed to the elements, and winter is coming. The UN said Israel is not giving them enough time to set up places to help.


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