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Starmer and Sunak: Head For Dubai.

COP28 in Dubai.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Double Act: Starmer and Sunak.

We all remember COP27 in Glasgow. Many fine words, to tackle, climate change, but little else. We remember, Boris, fast asleep, at the conference. David Attenborough, a man, old enough, to be Boris' dad was very attentive. Whether, the stalwart of natural history, will be, at this conference, that is David Attenborough, is unknown.

This current COP28 will be held in Dubai, until, 12 December. The next COP will be held in Eastern Europe. Which country will hold the next conference is not known as yet. The situation has been, complicated, by the Russian-Ukrainian War.

All the world leaders will be jetting there. Thousands of carbon footprints are all over our atmosphere. The airline industry, has yet, to fully go over to carbon-neutral fuel. An aircraft flew from the UK, the other day, to the US on veg oil and some other carbon-neutral fuel. However, the day is a long way off when all flights will be fuelled this way. In the meantime, we are reliant on aircraft fuel which is largely damaging.

A statement coming out of 10 Downing Street said, "Setting the tone and showing political will, on behalf of the UK, when it comes to addressing climate change". That is Sunak'a mission while over there according to that.

However, Sunak's rather wishy-washy rowing back on promised climate changes will not go down well at the conference. Delegates and leaders from a host of countries on different continents will want to question Sunak. Sunak has given a licence for oil companies to drill an unexplored part of the North Sea. The so-called, 'Rosebank' part of the seabed, will be drilled for untapped oil reserves. Fossil fuel dependency writ large. The UK, however, will not directly benefit from this and it will not make us self- sufficient. We still get a lot of our gas and oil from places like Norway. Sunak has pushed back to end our dependency on fossil fuels, unfortunately.

Sir Keir Starmer will be setting out his green credentials. Mixing with and interacting with world leaders, delegates, organisations and other opposition leaders like himself. Sir Keir's job is also to look statesman-like on the world stage. Sir Keir may well, in the near future, be sitting where Sunak is sitting now. So, he needs, to hammer where he stands not only on issues of climate change, but on other issues too.

No doubt, on the sides lines, Starmer and Sunak, will discuss, other issues. Not only amongst themselves but, with other world leaders. Such as issues like unlimited migration, the Russia-Ukraine, the ceasefire or pause in Gaza, etc, etc. Many fine words, and many commitments, will be pronounced at this COP event. But, how many nations, will keep to their word?

To people like Chris Packham, Just-Stop Oil, Animal Rising, etc, the COP28 is just a talking shop. Unless, real measures are taken, to tackle climate change and save many threatened species (including our own) then it is, indeed, just that a talk about talk.

The organisations represented there, governments, UN delegates, etc, will be enjoying first-class treatment, lavish meals, and enjoying the sights of Dubai. Of course, it isn't just about work, the people assembled have the right to enjoy their refreshments and surroundings. Let's be honest, if we were in their shoes, would we be any different?

The area of the world where the conference is taking place has made its fortune, on fossil fuels. What steps are these Arab nations making to end their and the world's dependency on fossil fuels?

With Sunak rowing back on his commitment to slowly end the UK's dependency on fossil fuels, what will men like Trump do? Or any of his fellow Republicans do, about climate change if elected to office?

As Chris Packham highlights, the world is in deep trouble over climate change. As James highlights in The New Testament, "Words are fine, but deeds are more important"!



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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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  • Salman siddique3 months ago

    is it true?

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