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Trump supporters need a Juneteenth revelation. Someone needs to tell them the election is over.

by Cheryl E Preston about a year ago in trump
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Freed slaves in Texas did not get the news of their emancipation for six months. Trumpsters need to take cue from First Lady Melania.

Trump supporters are in DC.

Supporters of Donald Trump’s are converging on Washington to protest and election that is over and done. Joe Biden won fair and square but these Americans obviously did not get the memo. Sure they heard the news but the president has poisoned their minds with lies that the election results were the result of fraud. Trump supporters have not yet downloaded those facts and are operating based on a fallacy. This is in a strange kind of way similar to what took place in this nation 165 years ago. The Emancipation Proclamation was read to American slaves in January 1st 1865. The news did not reach those in bondage in Texas until June 19 of that year. This is why we celebrate Juneteenth because it’s when the last slaves realized they were free.

As Donald Trump continues to play mind games with his deluded followers, Joe Biden is picking his cabinet and preparing to be sworn in on January 20. First Lady Melania Trump is packing and preparing to move back to Florida to Maralago. It is despicable how Trump is allowing people to believe a lie. It’s been reported that this was the most secure election ever. Our modern history yet the Retrumplicans only hear one voice and that’s dangerous. 106 senators continue to be on board with the fake news of fraud and they have no shame about it.

There is no one to reign in these misguided Americans except their dictator of a leader but there seems to be no one who will speak truth to this man of power. Sensible Americans must endure this nightmare for about 5 weeks more and then it might be over. No one know what scheme Trump has up his sleeve or what his cult followers might do. They could try to somehow interfere with the swearing in ceremony in the believers they are showing loyalty to the man they believe to be king.

In the midst of COVID-19 these Trump supporters are out and about without wearing masks or social distancing. They are angry without a cause and hopefully they will settle down once Trump is out of office. If he is no longer in office perhaps some of his base might decide to do something productive with their lives. Joe Biden won with over 80,000 votes, get over it and go home Trumpeteers. You are being played, hoodwinked, hornswaggked, and bamboozled. Donald Trump started the lie that Batak Obama was not born in America and there are still people today who believe it. There will be those 10 years from now still saying the election was stolen from Trump.

Come on people, use common sense and critical thinking. The Donald planted this bad seed during the summer just in case he lost. He kept saying it over and over until others began repeating it like robots and now believe it. Trump supporters you need a new song and for your mimicry banks to be wiped clean. You need to be reprogrammed and I am here to help you. The Texas slaves did not get the news of freedom because they were far from the battles of the Civil War. It took some time for someone to bring the facts to them. You who idolize Donald Trump don’t have to wait that long just repeat after me.

Joe Biden won the election, Joe Biden won the election, Joe Biden won the election. Go home and stay far away from Washington’s. Do no harm to yourselves or anyone else. There will be a new sherif in town on January 20 and Donald Trump had got to go. He will no longer be news worthy and should follow Melania to Maralago and stay there. Trump list, Trump lost, Trump lost. Biden won fair and square just say it a few times. You are making fools of yourselves in front of the entire world and giving this nation a bad name. It’s over, done, finite, the end so man up and deal with it. Counter protesters it’s not worth it so Lassie go home.


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Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, published author and former Newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psycology and Biblical studies. She enjoys sharing natural cures, and Nostalgia related info. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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