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Trump's Tariff War

by Dr. Williams 3 years ago in finance

The Failing Economy

The last week of September marked a troubling trend in American politics. First, we have the Kavanaugh hearings where several women now accuse him of misconduct. And all the news seems to focus around whether what he says or she says are the actual facts. Meanwhile, with the President speaking at the United Nations, one has to wonder about the mentality of this President when he went on a boastful tirade on what he and he alone has accomplished as President. What was he thinking? The General Assembly is not the place where one goes on a self embellishment speaking tour. It is pretty apparent that this President, when it comes to interacting with other foreign dignitaries, has not one ounce of decorum befitting respect from world leaders. Yet he continues to antagonize heads of state with his go-it-alone approach in foreign affairs. All this was very obvious in his remarks at the UN recently. In his usual undiplomatic approach in dealing with other leaders of the world, he has made America look like a Banana Republic. The Trump Administration has indeed made a mockery of the Office of the President.

When the media is fixated on the trials and tribulations of Judge Kavanaugh, they have managed to turn the public's attention away from what is actually happening in the economy with Trump's imposed tariffs. Today, it is amazing how this one person, this President, can affect the lives and livelihoods of a whole population. We have a President who without forethought or conscious thought dictates to the American people policy directives that are having severe repercussions throughout the country. The directives coming out from the Trump Administration have been without Congressional approval. Today, though, if Congress was involved with and sanctioned the tariffs that Trump has imposed, they would have gone ahead and approved them anyway. But, the actions taken by Trump in his is usual unsympathetic demure with the imposed tariffs on goods coming from China and other parts of the world has, in effect, unleashed the start of an economic firestorm that is already wreacking havoc on the U.S. economy.

Consumer goods have already increased in price. And, by January, the effects will be devastating for millions of Americans. You can bet your bottom dollar—that's if you have one left—that the Social Security pittance of a raise of about $30 per month will be negated by all the increases in the cost of living. This means that seniors who rely on their Social Security benefits will still be struggling to put food on their tables or pay for necessary medicines. And, for the rest of the majority of Americans, these tariffs will only add to the burden of figuring out their weekly budgets because for everything—I mean everything—that we purchase, the costs will only continue to increase.

It is time we wake up and realize that this country is slipping away from all our hopes and dreams. We the people have to hold our leaders accountable for their actions and, in many cases, their inaction, especially realizing that the Trump Administration is actually putting America in danger. When we have an administration create such a toxic environment not only economically but environmentally as we are witness to today we all should remember the warnings sounded by Thomas Jefferson some 200 years ago. Yet, from the past 40 years of educational decline in America, much of the public today can't grasp the seriousness of the actual state of the Union.

We have to remember that after 1871, the government ceased being a government of the people and for the people but has since become a corporation not beholden to the American public. If we remember that, we can instill in our elected officials that repealing the Act of 1871 would be the start of a rebirth of our country that our Founding Fathers envisioned for this country. There have been too many travesties played on the American public for the past 157 years and the Trump directives are only compounding the quagmire the United States is in.

Repealing the Act of 1871 is but the first step toward rejuvenation of a country that has lost its sense of responsibility toward the majority of the American public. When we realize that more drastic measures have to be taken in order to facilitate the reversal of fortunes that have plagued too much of our society for decades can the steps be taken to right the injustices of our society. A plan of direction will secure the safeguards of the economy so that the progressive agenda can succeed in bringing about the reforms that will secure a better day and all the tomorrows for every American. To that end is the purpose of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.


Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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Dr. Williams
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