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Trump: Pay or We Will Not Defend You.

Trump's Comments on NATO.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Trump:  Pay or We Will Not Defend You.
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Donald Trump is still repeating his mantra that members of The Transatlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) should pay their way. Trump told a meeting in South Carolina that NATO nations should pay 2 % of GDP towards their protection. It sounds a bit like the Mafia asking for protection money or else!

Trump said he would encourage Russia to do "whatever it wants" to European nations that did not pay their way. That was Trump's threat that he would not protect NATO nations (if they did not pay their way). To let Russia attack them without the umbrella of the US, coming to their aid.

NATO Leader, Jens Stoltenberg said Trump's comments were irresponsible. Saying it totally "undermines" the narrative of NATO that every member will defend any NATO country attacked. Mr. Stoltenberg hoped whoever became POTUS (President of the United States) would continue to protect NATO.

Biden described Trump's comment thus: "Encouraging invasion of our closest allies by murderous regimes is appalling and unhinged". The Biden administration said if re-elected they would continue the protection of NATO as usual.

The prospect of seeing two old men going up against each other is appalling. It seems that Biden's mental and physical health has got worse. Surely Democrats behind closed doors must be horrified at the thought of Biden bumbling in broadcasts with Trump. What's the alternative though? Kamala Harris stepping forward as Biden's replacement? It seems that is not happening and Biden will go forward as the Democrat's candidate. Biden's stance on Israel is no different to Trump's so no difference there.

Trump is facing 91 charges of one sort or another. Yet, his popularity remains strong amongst his supporters. It seems no charge of corruption or an alleged attempt to overthrow the government is stopping Trump. Many of those voting for Trump are anti-LGBTQ, pro-Israel, anti-woke, anti-immigrant and profoundly right-wing in politics and faith. Even though Trump is a billionaire his words evoke a feeling amongst his working-class supporters that he's "one of us"!

Trump's younger opponents have fallen by the wayside in the Republican Party Presidential nomination. Ron DeSantis has thrown in the towel and Vivek Ramaswamy has also conceded he cannot defeat Trump. His only opponent left standing is Nikki Haley. Even she may give up if Trump's popularity remains on track.

President Biden as President remains the only game in town for the Democrats. As POTUS Biden is automatically allowed to run and be elected for another four years. Each US President can only serve an 8-year term - max. Biden will have help from his staff both in his day-to-day work in the Oval Office. Also, in public with teleprompters, written speeches, guides, so he doesn't forget or get mixed up. However, all of these things are not foolproof. Biden called the Egyptian President Si Si the President of Mexico. Given Biden's age and mental health that is perhaps not surprising.

If Trump is voted back in, he may continue where he left off. Full backing and ultimate support for Israel. Buddying up with Netanyahu whether he is still Prime Minister of Israel or not. Closer to Putin, despite the man being an implacable enemy. Will he try to negotiate with Kim Jong-un again? Relations with China and Iran even more dangerous than what they are now? Bypassing the Palestinians or at least giving them something that will fall short of a state? Continuing the Abraham Accords where he brought Arab nations and Israel to have closer ties. Saudi Arabia given its stance that it will not be friends with Israel until it stops its war on Gaza, may be a tougher nut to crack. Will Trump re-employ his family in his administration?

So Americans, it's Trump and Biden, two old men wholly unsuited for the job. So whoever you vote for, it seems your country is sunk, either way!



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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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Comments (1)

  • ROCK 3 months ago

    Ugh. As much as I hate the rhetoric in the news, as someone living in Sweden I want to vomit all over his shoes. We may be in NATO soon. Our neighbours in the Ukraine are what is most important, not his stupidity.

Nicholas BishopWritten by Nicholas Bishop

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