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Sunak Was Confronted by an Angry Audience Member.

Sunak: Facing Audience Questions.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Prime Minister Sunak.

Rishi Sunak was facing an open question-and-answer forum hosted by Stephen Dixon of GB News. A man stood up in the crowd and said, "My name is John Watt and I'm one of the COVID-19 vaccine injured in this country. I just want you to look me in the eyes to look at the pain, the trauma and the regret I have in my eyes" Mr. Watt continued.

John Watt went on: "We have been left with no help at all. I know people who have lost legs, I know people with heart conditions like myself, Rishi Sunak". Host Stephen Dixon had to intervene as the atmosphere became tense. Dixon said, "Let the Prime Minister answer"!

Sunak said Mr. Watt raised "Very valid points"! Sunak said, "It's difficult for me to comment on individual cases. I'm sure you appreciate that. Give them (Mr. Watt's ideas) to the team and I'll look at them". What action Mr. Sunak will take on Mr. Watt's points remains to be seen. Sunak highlighted there is a compensation scheme for people adversely affected by the vaccine. How many people have accessed this scheme or even know about it, is unknown.

A straw poll of audience members taken after the show revealed 50% would vote for the Tories. 36% said they were undecided and 14% said they would vote for another party.

Other issues were discussed between Sunak and the audience members. Migration was brought up and Sunak rolled out the same old mantra of 'stopping the boats' and Rwanda. LGBTQ rights were also brought up.

A straw poll doesn't necessarily predict that Rishi Sunak will be handed back the keys to No 10. Currently, polls still give Sir Keir a 20-point lead over His Tory rival. On that poll, Sir Keir will be the next occupant of 10 Downing Street.

Sir Keir Starmer needs to get out and face voters in open forums. Similar to the ones Sunak has put himself through. Piers Morgan has interviewed Sunak twice in one of his open and frank interviews. Morgan at the end of the second Sunak interview asked Sir Keir to come on his show. So far, Sir Keir has yet to appear on Piers Morgan's show. There is much I do not agree with Sunak on, however, it would appear he is not afraid to go before the cameras. Whether that be in front of voters in a studio on GB News or facing the vociferous Piers Morgan. Whether this will put a dent in Sir Keir's polling remains to be seen. So, if I was advising Sir Keir, I would tell him to take up Morgan's offer and be more willing to appear in front of studio audiences. However, when the general election arrives, Sunak and Starmer will be going up against each other in a studio.

Sir Keir at the moment is facing problems of his own. A Muslim candidate in a by-election has spouted what many see as anti-Semitic propaganda. But then these days, any words criticising Israel, are seen as that whether that is the intention or not. Any criticism of Israel, out come those screaming anti-Semitism! So, it gets to the point where attacking Israel's so-called war on Hamas gets shut down because it is so-called anti-Semitic. Some of it could be, on the other hand, a lot of criticism is genuine concern for how Israel is obliterating Gaza. Whether this Muslim candidate's comments were anti-Semitic or just voicing his concern for the Gazans, is known only to him. At first, Labour still backed their candidate, but now they have withdrawn support for him.


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