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These Racist Idiots Were on Our Street Corner

White Nationalism Rears Its Ignorant Head Today

By Jason ProvencioPublished about a year ago 3 min read
These two racist clowns were standing on the corner, less than a mile from my home.

Another day, another story of racism and bigotry here in my home state of Idaho. I cannot believe how often I’m hearing stories of these gutless, spineless turds attempting to intimidate and poison our community

I am not a fan of willful ignorance. I have written at length about how much I detest racism, bigotry, and homophobia. Let me add sexism and xenophobia to that short list of things that boil my blood.

This picture was taken today less than a mile from my home. Two masked men, standing at a busy intersection with this deplorable sign. And is it just me, or does the one on the left look like he’s throwing a Nazi salute?

Tell me you have a two-inch dick without telling me you have a two-inch dick.

You know, it wasn’t that cold today. Our high-temperature today was 47 degrees. I don’t think those masks were necessary, at least due to weather conditions.

They should have worn better masks if they were scared. At least make them prettier and more entertaining. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Oh, wait. I get it. They weren’t cold. They were just chickenshit fucking pussies. Too scared to show their certainly mediocre, pale faces to the rest of the world they’re attempting to intimidate and piss off. It won’t work, Dickheads.

Racism is so 6 to 10 years ago. You know, back when we had an openly ignorant, racist president who was breaking more laws than every other president in history combined. A piece of human filth who lied at least over 30,000 times while in office.

Yes, somebody actually tracked that shit. What an exhausting daily job.

I wrote a political piece about a disgusting, horrible truck that was seen around town last year. In case you missed it, please check out my blog, I Hate The Shitty Beliefs of People in My State. It’s quite a look into the truly horrible things that far too many people in Idaho latch onto and believe.

I can’t blame these people fully. Idaho’s educational system is abysmal. We are constantly ranked at the bottom or close to it most years, as compared to other states. There’s a reason I refer to Idaho as the Mississippi of the Northwest.

We are controlled by religion in our area. Between the LDS church (the Mormons), and a variety of other Christian organizations, we don’t stand a chance of most people supporting people from all walks of life.

I’ve heard so many local folks talk negatively about the LGBTQ community. They’ve ripped apart the Black Lives Matter movement. They ban books in our school libraries. They don’t think women should have control of their own reproductive rights.

My half-Asian bride has been called a “chink” in the grocery store. Of course, this happened when I wasn’t there with her. That’s the way these ass-wipes operate. They are scared little boys. They fear anyone that is different from them. They worry about losing the perceived power they think they hold.

I hate to break it to you two, but you don’t hold any power.

When you wallow in ignorance, you are not making America great again. When you stand outside in cowboy boots and camouflage, holding some homemade sign promoting your racism and bigotry, nobody is impressed.

Why do these sign-holding dorks always look like the poster children for birth control? Photo:

If you’re so proud of yourselves, take off your goddamn masks. Let’s see who you really are. Be real men about it. If you’re so proud to create hostility and proud of your inability to tan worth a shit, let’s see those dopey faces, Fools.

Perhaps that’s asking too much. Maybe you’re worried about losing your $30,000-$40,000 a year jobs at the manufactured home factories you surely work at. Maybe you’re scared that your mothers will kick you out of their basements if they see your moronic faces on the news and all over social media.

What will you do then, when you have no couch to crash on? Without a free place to live in Mom’s basement. Who’s gonna make the meatloaf for you? What will you do then?

Mom doesn’t make meatloaf for racist bigots.

Rhetorical question, I already know the answer. You’ll blame the Mexicans for taking all of the jobs. You’ll make fun of the LGBTQ community. You’ll drive your jacked-up pickups with the Trump 2024 and Let’s Go Brandon flags around and talk about how you’re making America great again.

And we’ll laugh at you. We’ll laugh because you’re truly pathetic. You’ll vote for Trump in 2024 (if he’s not in prison by then), and we’ll laugh when he loses once again.

There are too many good people in the world to allow ignorance on this level to thrive. You’re outnumbered. You cannot stop people of all races, religions, and sexual orientations from living safe, happy lives.

So keep doing stupid shit like this. We’ll remember it when it’s time to vote in 2024. &:^)


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