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The Winter of the Setting Sun on America

by Dr. Williams 3 years ago in opinion
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The Setting Sun

With a little less than a year to go before the United States can either turn this nation around with leadership that is capable of uniting this country, or continue its present trajectory into the shadows. The rising hope of this newly elected Democratic Congress in all probability will fail the American public once again. Where there was once hope has now turned into a quagmire of opposing factions. The same can be said of the Republican party.

We should always remember and heed the words from Abraham Lincoln, "A nation divided against itself cannot stand." Today, the Democratic party continues to show that the radical changes this country so desperately needs will not materialize. The fact of the matter is that both parties have become powerless to ever see their way to usher in the reforms that are necessary to preserve and protect our democracy. In other words, the political process of today has become too corrupt for us to ever see the light of liberty, justice, education, and morality.

It is this winter where the sun is setting on America, and closing out a great chapter in world history led by Trump's barrage of lies, half truths, and a never-ending ego has single handily destroyed America's integrity. Maybe we as a nation deserved the Trump Presidency. This, after all, we have been witnessed to the slow and methodical decline of the four pillars of our founding. For years this nation has been crumbling from within. And yet, we are all intentionally diverted by what is actually happening right beneath our feet.

A corrupt and complicit media that manages to twist the truth, under report certain facts and figures, and purposely omit vital facts that are actually happening has been going on for far too long. Many can remember how the media has had a hand in swaying the public opinion. Too many times this has resulted in circumstances that went beyond our ability to handle. In Watergate, we became so focused by all the media attention on Nixon, we didn't realize what was happening a half a world away. Soon, we found ourselves in a real energy crisis that could have been avoided.

We continue to be witness to the media's bias reporting that creates illusions or delusions on political candidates. In 2016, candidate Trump was the greatest beneficiary of all the media's attention. Look at how the media handled Bernie Sanders on the democratic side. Both instances were shaped and engineered by media, reporting or omitting certain facts that helped shape the outcome we are currently faced with. The fact remains that the media has always been controlled by a power structure that stands to gain by what they tell the news agencies on what to report and how much coverage a story gets.

Most of the news coverage today is tunneled toward the government shutdown over Trump's border wall. There is more to this story than the news wants people to know. As it stands, why Trump is unwilling to compromise and seek over five billion dollars in allocated funding for this infamous wall is because Trump and those corporate interests that control the media will reap financial gains by its construction. This is not about border security, or immigration policies, but purely for monetary gain.

One of the most intriguing solutions to increased border security goes back over 25 years when the Defense Department closed military bases. Over 80 percent of those bases were located on our southern boarders. When those bases closed, they left behind hundreds of thousands non-military personal headed for the unemployment lines. In doing so it put a huge burden on those meek safety nets where today many are still faced with financial hardships. Our military bases overseas remain open and support those countries economies. What is needed is to reduce some of those personnel, or even closed certain bases that are no longer needed, and reopen our southern bases that were closed. In this way, more employment opportunities will become available, more military personnel will be in place in shoring up border security, and an increased revenue for the many programs and reforms by way of payroll deductions will also occur.

This is just one solution to seriously consider in uniting this nation. Time is running out for America. If we allow Trump to get his way, this is the winter where the setting sun forever dims the shining light on America. We as a nation must not allow that to happen. We have to come together, as one nation united for the sole purpose to protect and preserve, not only our heritage, but also our integrity as a nation to the world.


About the author

Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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