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The Wheels of Injustice

Crisis Point

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

As the wheels of justice grind to a halt by the powers that be, our society is fast approaching a breaking point. A breaking point from which there is really no return. More children with guns and the willingness to carry out horrific acts of violence have put our way of life in grave jeopardy. Serious questions have to be asked, and yet no one has been asking the right ones. What we should be asking is what has happened to a society which has gone from an era of moralistic virtues where our youth who played with toy guns but respected the danger that real guns posed, to today where our youth are getting hold of semi- and automatic weapons which have no place being available to adults let alone our youth.

I remember when many of us as children had BB guns and Mattel toy six shooters along with air rifles. We played cowboys and Indians all the time. But, that was back in a different era. But, the question remains what has happened to our society? We had better find the answer if we ever expect to solve the dilemma of our youth being perpetrators of such violence taking place, not only in our schools, but in our neighborhoods as well.

In order to fully understand how our society has, some would say, devolved instead of evolved we have to really look at all the different variables that play a vital role in a society's resurgence or in our case a sort of retardation. We have to find what worked for America back during the 50s and 60s that made the United States the leader of all the industrial nations. Our schools continued to rank in the top tier of educational standards and our base economy was the strongest ever. But, since the early 1970s things started to change slowly at first, then more of a drastic free fall during the early 1990s and we haven't recovered since. All of which has played an integral part of why our society has continued to succumb to a much lower common denominator in our morals, education, liberties, and justice.

We have to remember that during the 1950s up until 1963 the United States experienced the greatest economic expansion in our history. Sure, there were incidents of violence but our public schools remained a fixture of educational excellence. In 1963 things started to change when television exposed the harsh reality of the assassination of President Kennedy and then the killing by Jack Ruby. TV became an instrument of change. With more people gaining access to this new medium meant that more of our youth were being exposed to an evolution of change that was unfolding right before their eyes.

The Federal Communications Act and our existing moral structure of the early 1960s tried not too successfully to determine what was broadcast-able on national television. Consequently the loosening of acceptable programing created an enormous transformation of our society. Music also played an integral part of society's change. It seems that over night we have gone from Mozart and Bach to rap and hip-hop. A cultural shift of enormous proportions has occurred just within the past 50 or so years.

A society's transformation happening over a very short time inadvertently creates a template for our youth to succumb to behavior patterns that are now associated with the new changes in our society. Other factors are just as relevant to why our society has created an atmosphere that exacerbates conditions where our youth have become so desensitized about violence, to the point that Columbine tragedies keep happening. We also have to keep in mind that our mental stability is predicated on the nutrition one is getting. For the past 30 years, the basic food we have been exposed to has been almost void of the basic elements that make up a healthy diet. When our food has been processed or modified in so may ways and where Monsanto continues to be the dominate source of our food today, many adverse effects have arisen. Today, there are more people with health related and mental problems than ever before.

We have to understand that our own government has had a large responsibility in the way of the changes in our society. From Supreme Court decisions dating back to the late 1960s right up until today, have made it that much easier for our government to fail our citizens. Our legislators are now bought and paid for by corporate donors and are beholden to them and not the American public. When you have a oligarchical government while the majority of the public continue to languish in a perpetual state of bewilderment about how to make their lives better, this only manifests more aggression.

More of our youth being raised by single parents or in foster homes is another nail in the coffin of a society's failure. The ease of access to military grade weapons doesn't help either. Are we as a society so afraid of our government, our neighborhoods, and our personal safety that armed weapons are a necessity? In this political climate today, so many divisive organizations that try to push and impose an agenda which really has no bearing on how to improve the quality of life here in the United States is another form of anarchy that continues to unhinge what moral virtue there remains.

Until our government acknowledges that we have a serious sociological as well as a full-blown economic crisis then the reoccurrence of more violent aggression anywhere will continue. We have to remember the first step in solving a crisis is to acknowledge that there is a crisis at hand. And, until then the wheels of injustice will only continue to spin.

There is a way to solve the many urgent crises that plague our society today. But, the reforms that it will take have to be recognized and the public has to be informed on how these reforms will succeed. But, until we recognize that only by implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation will unite this divided nation, secure the safety of our youth, and bring lasting economic growth, we will only continue to languish in desperation hoping that another tragedy will not happen.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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