The True Leeches

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The Rich Not the Poor

The True Leeches

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Contrary to popular belief—to what the system propagates us to believe—the leeches aren't the individuals at the bottom of the pyramid seeking to take just a little in order to live their lives as comfortably as they can; the leeches aren't the people who have been forced to live passionless lives because the system that enslaves them steals from them any and all ability to pursue anything but slaving 60 to 80 hours a week at a job that means nothing to them, save providing them a sense of security and the ability to ensure food is on the table.

No, the true leeches are the individuals at the top of the pyramid. The most selfish of the selfish of this selfish society we've allowed created. Those propagating us to believe that the most fortunate of us are more worthy of life, luxury and to the pursuit of their dreams than the rest of us, simply because of their ability and/or willingness to Triumph, and thus, to conform to our tainted self-serving system. Ergo, the true leeches are the individuals that are clandestinely siphoning everything for themselves. The same individuals who also control nearly all the information that propagates us, and thus, the ones controlling the narrative of what is "good", "bad", "right," and "wrong;" propagating us to believe that those seeking freebies at the bottom of the pyramid are the leeches, not those themselves at the top of the pyramid, who perpetually shove as much as they can into their pockets, coincided further rigging the system into their favor to help them do just that. The same individuals believing they deserve their levels of Triumph because they're most fit to thrive within this tainted, self-serving and selfish meritocracy we've allowed created.

To be quite blunt, America and capitalism has been perverted, and that is the blatant truth of the matter. This country that was literally built on the foundation of harboring immigrants that had been abandoned by their country whose descendants now feel they are entitled to this country whilst immigrants seeking solace from their countries are carelessly turned away. This ignorant mentality that we deserve more than others solely based on where we lucked out to be born is truly a disgrace to our humanity and our culture as Americans. This mentality that is inflated by those with nothing having been propagated to embody arrogant nationalism, thus, believing that if anyone deserves to come first, it is them. Which further fuels the fire for our ignorant discrimination and sense of entitlement over foreigners that, at the end of the day, are simply humans of planet Earth just like you and I, and are no less worthy of this land we now selfishly claim as our birthright than you and I.

The truth is, over the last few centuries, we've allowed the worst among us—the snakes hiding in plain sight—to pervert our system so that it is self-serving for the few. Creating legislation that clandestinely further feeds their pockets and agendas. Creating legislation that steals from us our founding rights and justifies it with excuses like, "times have changed," whilst concealing true tainted intent. Harboring control of the country in a manner that, by the time revolution is actually sparked, we haven't the ability to take back what rightfully belongs to the people because the system has stolen from us our ability to arm ourselves and to organize in protest; spying on us in our homes and through our technologies in order to keep us in fear and in line; conforming us to embody the tainted, selfish and self-serving example set by the thief's themselves, as we worship and envy them with drooling lips as we are bred to like the good subservient cogs we in-fact are.

I want to tell you a quick story, a story that reveals how this ignorant superiority complex in the form of entitlement derived from an unconscious worship of meritocracy and selfish seeking's of Triumph via selfish seeking's of self-preservation on the macro scale reflects down to every last one of us on the micro scale.

When I was in university, I pledged a fraternity. It'd been a small school, so it only had four or five fraternities and sororities. Well, I'll tell you what, the ignorance that has been pivotal in modeling my core truths, rooted in the very premise of this blog, was abundant in this fraternity, to say the very least.

For example, because our frat was the oldest frat on campus and hadn't been caught hazing, and thus, still had its charter, this made the members of my frat feel and act like they were superior to all others. Because in this world we've built, this is what we are brainwashed to do. To claim superiority and Triumph in any way we can. To entitle ourselves to whatever we can, because if we don't, it will be entitled by someone else and we will fall victim to this selfish social system like the rest of the "weak" the system is designed to swallow.

With that in mind, one of the things that most boiled my blood with the ignorance I was being told I was supposed embody, related to a group of guys—the core two of them being individuals many of our brothers were in-fact close "friends" with—that wanted to start there own fraternity. Well, it only took a few weeks after that ball was seriously rolling for the oldest, "wisest," brothers to propagate groupthink and villainize this group of individuals. And do you know what their justified reasoning was? I quote, "They don't even haze—they sit in circles and hug each other;" and, "We've been here for thirty years—they have no right to be a frat" and, "There not even a real frat—they don't even have a charter with the school." And this only fed the ignorance that ensued in the form of intolerance, judgment, and prejudice—amidst so much more—that drove me to the point of insanity. Though, all of which, of course, was hidden behind in-group settings, where only we on the inside knew how ignorantly we spoke about this particular organization (and about pretty much everyone else at the school, at that). All for illogical and ignorantly justified reasons like those stated above that don't even make any real sense as to why we deserved to judge and prejudice against our peers.

Of course, as mentioned, we had our public facades. We were active on campus doing community service each week, always wearing our grandiose smiles, and we did our big fundraiser each year. We even had our moral credo: "Respect, Honor and Brotherhood." Respect...? Honor...? Brotherhood...? What a joke. If only you knew... Because, a facade was all it was—being the ignorance in the form of prejudice, judgment, and intolerance we embodied within closed social settings was utterly disgraceful and clearly a quite different statement than what we presented to the public. Ergo, a facade...

But this isn't a statement of just this frat. These surface facades—this superficial, duplicitous and two-faced behavior—are a statement of our entire society as a whole. Because literally every social network I've ever been blessed to interpret all across the US—and over seasfrom an insiders perspective has embodied this same ignorance to varying extremes and in their own subjective ways. In which, the truth that has become blatantly apparent to me is, some of us quite sadly live to breed such ignorance into the world as mentioned above; some of us only conform to it out of selfish seeking's of self-preservation and to find acceptance in a world that is owned by Darkness; and the remaining few that fight back are easily demonized and dehumanized by the same sort of ignorant and illogical justifications that the former so willfully embody, until they too conform out selfish seeking's of self-preservation.

The point is, this ignorance on the micro level derives from the ignorance that is embodied on the macro level, and thus, is taught to us from the macro level. It derives from the true leeches that instill this fight for Triumph into us via teaching us to ignorantly seek superiority in any way we can latch onto it. It derives from the selfish and self-centered mentality that is the root of all our societal vices. It derives from the greed, corruption, duplicity and superficiality at the top of the pyramid that becomes the root of all we yearn to become at the bottom, because that is what breeds "success" and "happiness."

Thus, living in a society controlled by leeches embodying all of the above—knocking others down to build their thrones of social dominance, whilst selfishly harvesting all they can for themselves—is why those at the bottom come to embody these same tainted traits. Particularly, when those at the bottom are given the opportunity to join the ranks of those at the top. Because everyone just selfishly wants to "make it." Though, once they do "make it," all they are is their facade. As they further conceal their selfish and often duplicitous and superficial nature that got them to where they are.

This is why we must forge a new example at the top. One not of selfishness and self-indulgence, but rather of selflessness and team unity. One where, even though one could live a selfish life of excess, they live moderately, and instead of hording their money, they give back selflessly to all those it was meant to be shared with in the first place. One where a CEO doesn't view themself as superior and more worthy of luxury than the cashier of their business. One where entitlement to life, comfort and to the pursuit of ones dreams derives merely from being an animal of planet Earth. But, the truth is, until we make this change, until we break the system at the top, we will continue to mimic and replicate all that is so utterly wrong with the world, we will continue to be controlled like slaves by a tainted system and the tainted people controlling it, and we will continue to Fall as a society.

Eric Durland
Eric Durland
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