Depression, Addiction, and Crime

by Eric Durland 3 months ago in corruption

A Failing Society

Depression, Addiction, and Crime

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Perhaps, I am biased, being someone who has himself suffered and defeated years of both addiction and depression. But, when I see things like addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, or even crime, I see the statement of a soul that is crying out that it needs something that it isn't getting. I see a soul that feels trapped within the series of unfortunate events that are its life, and the pain, anger, and resentment these events harbor. I see a soul that hasn't had a positive mentor to teach them to think constructively and deductively; or had the ability to be educated fairly; or had the positive environments that breed confidence and promote seeking self-discovery, self-betterment, and self-growth; or had the connections and assets necessary to pursue their passions and their dreams. And it certainly doesn't make that soul "weak" to have to succumb to the weight of a deeply lost and misguided world quite clearly owned and operated by Darkness—despite, this "tough-guy" society we've created, attempting to paint such an ignorant picture; one that deflects all blame away from the true root of the problem, and places it onto the lost and suffering soul for the actions that were only ever manifested because of the pains that haunt their past.

To be quite blunt, when I see millions—perhaps, even billions—of people suffering all of the above, I see a failing system. No matter how good the stock market may be doing. No matter how great our GDP may be. No matter how many meaningless jobs the system pumps out for us good-as-useless cogs populating the self-serving system we've blindly allowed to conquer us. No matter how "prosperous," and "successful," and "the best on the market" our system of capitalism may be propagated as. No matter how "good" the thriving minority—those most willing to conform to the Game of Triumph—may claim the system works. Thus, what I see, is a tainted system sugarcoated with inflated and deceiving statistics by adept deceivers and propagators that place the illusive veil over our eyes, blocking us from seeing how greatly this corrupt and self-serving system is in-fact failing a massive majority of our population; deflecting blame away from the system itself from being the true root of all our problems: crime, mass terror, depression, addiction (and so forth). In-fact, what it proves is how selfish we are as a society, as we blindly follow the ignorant example of our present social leaders, and thus, work solely for ourselves and our own Triumph; save, perhaps, the petty pity donation here or there, or the tidbit of community service we do each week to protect our surface facades. Whilst those of us who luck out to be at the top of the pyramid clandestinely think of those at the bottom of the pyramid as no better than the gum they peel off their Oxfords.

The reason we are failing, the reason there is crime, depression, addiction and mass terror, quite apparently, is because of this social and economic system we've built based in competition, rather than team unity. The reason we are failing is because we don't give the slightest damn that 90 percent of the population are passionless incentivized slaves, and thus, lack true meaningful purpose in their lives. And this lack of passion and meaningful purpose coincided with being incentivized in a manner that the few—the entitled—are incentivized like gods, whilst the many are incentivized like worthless cogs, is quite literally what manifests crime, addiction, depression (and so forth). Thus, the reason we are failing is because this tainted, selfish, and self-serving social and economic system we've built, harbors a massive majority of people that are deeply, and often unconsciously, in pain, and who have nothing to live for, and nothing to show for their existence. Whilst others have everything, and claim their levels of Triumph and superiority are the reason they deserve everything whilst the former deserves nothing.

We sit here and we call the homeless person, the criminal, or the addict "weak," and "lazy," and "weird," and "crazy," yet, we fail to take responsibility that it is our fault as a society that they have been beaten and bullied to such a state of insanity. We fail to take responsibility that it is our ignorant tendency to judge some people as worthy of life, luxury, and human connection, and others worthy of nothing. We fail to take responsibility that it is our fault that these people don't care to strive for the things they love, because they don't have the ability to, even if they wanted to. We fail to take responsibility that we are condoning and facilitating a tainted system based in competition that harbors prejudice and judgment as its daily bread; where each active member is clandestinely fighting this perpetual war for Triumph that steals, from a massive majority of our population, their care to live, their care to live justly and righteously, their care to respect others lives and property, and their care to contribute productively to the system. Ergo, we fail to take responsibility that we've allowed the creation of a selfish, self-centered, prejudicial, judgmental, petty, duplicitous and meretricious reality based entirely in competition that so deeply pains a massive majority of our population, that they succumb to crime; that they succumb to addiction and depression; that they are forced to join gangs and embody ignorance, because that's the only place they've ever found any sort of acceptance; and that they are trapped in the slums because the entitled—the true leaches—trap them there by harboring this tainted, self-serving reality we live. It is none other than our fault as a collective society that these people are forced to succumb to the depressions and anxieties that eat their souls, and drive them to the point of insanity; only after coming to recognize the wretched world we live in, that has done nothing but beat and bully them for the sole sadistic purpose of watching the "weak" fall, so that the "strong" can Triumph.

The only true solution, the only way we will ever truly defeat depression, addiction, and crime—amidst our other societal vices—is to forge a society of true equals all with the ability to prosper within this dream we live, providing all with the ability to actively pursue their passions. Hence, we must forge a society that breeds passion and purpose within everyone—which, if I may, you can bet your bottom dollar would drastically increase the number of people who wish to contribute. No soul should ever be a cog—an immorally and unjustly incentivized slave—to a selfish machine like the massive majority of us are to the machine that presently enslaves us. We must forge a society that is rooted in team unity, and not separation and competition. One where we join a team because we crave with every ounce of us to be a part of that team, because one: it is the passion and purpose that calls to our soul at the deepest level; and two: no matter the team member, be it the owner or the cashier, that team truly cares for each team member, and everyone is compensated fairly and equally as brothers and sisters all fighting for the same team. Though, until we've manifested such a system, none of us will ever truly be free, the Darkness will continue to divide and conquer us, depression, crime, addiction, and mass terror will continue to be an epidemic, and we will continue to Fall as a society.

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