The Rise of the Fourth Reich

Don't make the same mistakes.

The Rise of the Fourth Reich

Neo-Nazis view the 4th Reich as the rise of neo-Nazi Germany into power once again. They actually look forward to this. Some theorists believe that Germany is into a covert rise of the neo-Nazi agenda (Wikipedia). Neo-Nazis want the Aryan race to be at the forefront of anything they do. The German neo-Nazis want Germany to acquire nuclear weapons, which sets Germany back to its ways in 1937. Nazis would like a “pan-Aryan world empire” which encompasses all land populated by predominantly European-descended peoples from Europe to Russia, white people’s America, Australia, the Southern Cone of South America, New Zealand, and South Africa; basically anywhere there are white people. The Fourth Reich has risen without many shots being fired, if you believe the paranoia.

There are some who say that Merkel has dominance over Europe without firing a single shot. Germany uses the euro, which is known as a weak currency, whose value would collapse, trying to make sure exports sell more cheaply than retaining old German currency known as the Deutschmark, growing in relative strength. This article by the telegraph that I’m citing right now was written by a British person who feels that Germany is getting prosperous at the expense of the neighboring countries and allies, per an article written in May 2016. The Fourth Reich is a by-product of conservatives who spent all of the last years since 2008-2016 seething about the predecessor’s racial identity.

The UK voted to separate from the European Union on Friday March 29th, 2019. The UK did this in order to grow the economy because they felt stifled by the euro. The European Union works as though it was one huge country since European citizenship guarantees you can live anywhere in the European Union. I should know— I have dual citizenship with Spain and the United States. Some feel that Germany is dictating the economic model for the whole European Union. Pro-Brexit folks feel that staying in the EU means that the economic prosperity of the UK may be threatened if they do not leave, but only because Britain fought two world wars in order to come out on top without being ruled by Germany. The Fourth Reich is a symptom of despondence with the way things are, only for the fact that in the United States, the gap between rich and middle class, and rich and poor, is getting worse, almost to the point of being Third World-like. Our debt is in the trillions and rising because of the current administration. Leaving the EU allows Britain to solidify trade with China or India, although the Fourth Reich probably makes them paranoid that Germany rules Europe with economic iron fists.

The Fourth Reich means that many sovereign nations are ruled by the European Union according to Brexit believers. On, the writings say that Hitler’s Germany did what they did because they didn’t question the motives of their government. Hitler was “TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year 1938.” Germans used to think of themselves as brave warriors, but the time came when they lost their courage, since they assumed they were safe from tyranny although, in fact, they were not. German government felt that having a fearful people was better than courageous people fighting them off. This is similar to what is going on in the United States right now, given that we are paying attention to the erosion of our democracy.

The rise of the neo-Nazis has been precipitated by more memberships in the KKK than ever before in these times of socio-economic upheaval. The Rise of the Fourth Reich was a carefully orchestrated manipulation by the elite to begin with. If Hillary had won, that would have pissed off the conservatives in the United States once again. If Trump had “lost,” it would have been to a woman, which would have crippled and humiliated somebody as narcissistic as he is. Narcissists are easily made a victim by loss. Nobody will ever agree on anything with extremist perspectives dominating both Republicans and Democrats. In the United States, we do not allow fascism to rule for long if we don’t get lazy about deposing those who would have totalitarian control. Those of you who think this stuff is not happening, think again. Hitler took advantage of having a rule of “a nation of cowards, and knew he had to spend the money to make the new war something that cowards could fight and win" (whatreallyhappened). Let the United States not make the same mistakes our ancestors did or that the Germans did since the Nazis these days have torches like their ancestors had.

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The Fourth Reich

The Rise of the Fourth Reich


Iria Vasquez-Paez
Iria Vasquez-Paez
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