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The Panama Papers

Global Corruption

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 6 years ago 8 min read

Ever since the Panama Papers came out, too many of us were naive about the extent and scope of how much wealth is actually being hidden away in tax havens and off shore accounts all around the globe. Sure, we accept the fact that the wealth of certain individuals have always been socked away from the prying eyes of government. That's one of the reasons why the wealthy keep getting wealthier. But, this latest report just shows the ridiculously obscene amount of wealth many leaders of government and industry have hidden away using their positions to amass great fortunes while the rest of the world languishes in desperation hoping and praying for better times ahead.

Many Americans still don't realize that our own governmental officials are complicit in their involvement in what now known as the Panama Papers. And, when you consider what was recently exposed but never really mentioned or reported by the main stream media about how many members of Congress continue to prosper using the Mayflower Maneuver just shows how extensive the corruption there is in governments and industry around the world. There is a direct tie with the Mayflower Maneuver and the Panama Papers which is a major cause in the global wealth disproportion and poverty.

It is worth repeating especially with the Presidential elections forthcoming to explain just what the Mayflower Maneuver and how the Panama Papers connect. It is this connection between government officials and corporate heads of industry that have created a network of financial workings which enables them to garnish exorbitant amounts of wealth all at the expense of the public.

With so much attention focused on the events in Europe and the Mid-East and this years Presidential politics not much has been done to explain to the American citizens that the financial bailouts of 2008, the two long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our trade agreements and current governmental policies all have rendered the United States severely handicapped in meeting its financial obligations. Financial obligations that so many citizens count on, like Social Security, EBT cards and even Medicare and Medicaid. You know them as those safety nets the Republicans keep assaulting.

A recent statistic pointed to one of the most disturbing facts in America today, and that is four out of five Americans are just one paycheck away from falling into the cataclysm of financial devastation the likes of which they will probably never recover. It has been the callousness of the Federal government along with it's accomplices, corporate America, that have stolen the American Dream from Americans. With policies, treaties, unfunded mandates, and laws over the past 35 years have reshaped the economic landscape of the United States so that today the reality is to horrific even to contemplate.

Ever since the US dollar went off the gold standard means that our currency is just backed by the US government ability to harbor trust from other countries that the United States would actually be able to pay off their debts. Allot, has happened since then that has eroded the very premise that the US has the ability to pay it's debts. Faith can move mountains, but in the case of the US dollar when there is so little faith left it has rendered the United States on the very edge of the Abyss of economic disaster. And, that leaves the American public at the threshold of financial devastation that would be so cataclysmic our country would not survive as we know it today.

For years our elected officials have been getting wealthier and wealthier each year they remain in office. Little did we, the unsuspecting constituents realize that gold mine of opportunities which only elected officials are privy too have helped create the greatest wage and income disparity gap in the history of the United States. Hence, the Mayflower Maneuver by many in Congress in using their positions to gain influence in Wall Street so that monetary compensation results. The ease of access to the stock market where insider trading often is transacted by members of Congress is one of the main points of corruption within our own government.

Now, when the Panama Papers exposed the extent of hidden wealth of many in government and industry with which they all have managed to gain much of their wealth by illicit means just shows how extensive the corruption there is in not only in the US government but, many other governments and industry officials around the world. This is one of the greatest threats in reducing global poverty. When we put all this together we come away with the acute awareness that the United States government and corporate America has failed in it's responsibility to protect and preserve the financial and economic opportunities that once prevailed and made this country at one time the greatest economic engine in the world.

For the past 35 years the United States has deviated from the basic economic flow that is paramount for a countries overall financial and economic health. When we look back to the height of America's dominance in the world's markets back in the 1960's our manufacturing base economy was over 55% of all domestic production. Our exports far exceeded our imports and that meant that Americans were buying more American made products which in turn creates a stronger economy. Today, statistically speaking our trade deficit has remained at levels that appear to be not that alarming but what is disconcerting is the fact that our number one export is refined gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Even thought the pain at the pump has diminished for many motorists corporate profits keep soaring. And the cost of living continues in increasing leaving millions of Americans with very little disposable income or worse yet none at all.

Contrary to what our media and many in government have stated our own economy is for from stable. The majority of Americans today still are forced to make hard choices. What is happening now too many of us are caught in a quandary of financial hardship. Compounding this quandary is the ever increasing cost of living today, which by the way has more that tripled just within the past two years. This, while those fat cat bureaucrats, corporate CEO's and share holders all get bigger dividends not only on our exported energy policies, but from Wall Street itself. This in itself really has only exasperated the widening of the income disparity gap. An income gap that is threatening the sanctity of not only the whole US economy but every economy around the world.

With so many Americans on the brink of financial collapse where one illness, one loss of an afternoon shift, or one unexpected bill or expense hits today, the reality is that they’ll have no money on which to live. No money to buy food for their children. No money to keep a roof over their heads. Were not talking about some third world country but right here in the good old USA. With economic insecurity at historic highs and rightly so because the United States government has ushered in policies over the years that have placed the countries financial and economic future so precariously close to falling into that Abyss of economic doom.

Today, where that trust and faith in the US government which is all that backs our currency for years has eroded to the point that our solvency is at stake. What is happening is that over trillions of dollars are owed to foreign investors, more that 85% of Americas about to fall into the Abyss of economic and financial Armageddon where they will never be able to climb out, and the faith and trust in the US government is all about to go up in smoke. The days of the reserve currency for the US dollar are fast coming to a close. The rest of the world will soon discover just how precarious the financial picture really is here in America today.

When our own elected officials keep ignoring the harsh reality of this nations loss of trust in our ability to bay it's debts, while at the same time continue to reap financial gains at the expense of the American public is just another example of the extent of corruption there really is. Too many in government and in the media are oblivious to the hard cold facts that are playing out today. For years our own government and corporate Americas has sold out to outside interests and under their motto " Greed is good" while using the Mayflower Maneuver in transforming this once achieving nation into a behemoth insidious monster that has eaten away the American Dream from America.

Is it too late or too little being done to avoid the inevitable? Time is running out for the America our fathers and grandfathers knew. To save America form America what is needed to thwart this impending apoplectic scenario will take a monumental push by all Americas. Apathy, for too long has only triggered more governmental corruption that currently is strangling the United States. The common denominator of too much ineptness, to much pilfering of American tax dollars, to little compromise for the greater good by our current crop of elected officials, misguided policies, and a political process that is ripe with graft, corruption and greed all have manifested the current financial and economic crisis to the point of no return.

Will we ever return to the glory days of economic and financial solvency for the majority of Americas that we had in the late 1950's through the early 1970's? We could but, that depends. The path to economic and financial stability requires a total commitment and a resolve that we as a nation unite putting petty differences aside and usher in totally revolutionary concepts, policies and laws that steers this country away from the Abyss and into a brighter future for all. It starts with implementing National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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