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The Limitations of “Free From” Magical Thinking

Believers' Relationship with Reality

By John WorthingtonPublished 12 days ago 6 min read
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This blog was written prior to the announcement of Donald Trump being convicted of all 34 counts in The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump.

Well, the trial is still going on. There’s little doubt that Big Orange did the deed that the state is claiming he did. There seems to be a lot of doubt about the outcome of the proceedings, though. The problem and the apparent root of a gang and a half of the continental divide we all experience is one which is common to believers of any stripe. Where do you start to weave the fabric of Real? The answer is, as all truths are, found in the context of the intent to do.

In question concerning the body politic, there are essentially two schools of thought. Which school one adheres to depends on one’s relationship with reality. The determining factor is rooted in a simple concept. Freedom. But with one group freedom is considered as free from. The other group considers freedom as free to. Believers must necessarily build any belief structure on a series of actions they must or must not do in order to hold the magic of that belief in place. Thus, they are forever tethered to what they are free from. The group who considers free to their directive for experiencing life are free to act in ways which are appropriate. This group knows why they act in the way they do. It is deliberate as opposed to magical.

The Limitations of “Free From” Magical Thinking

The believer who is free from will be encouraged to stay inside the confines of his or her limited incarceration defined by the core believers in their local world. You can observe this phenomenon in local churches. The authority structure usually consists of a pastor, assistant pastors if appropriate, deacons, elders or some variety of congregational leadership. The pastor is charged with stating belief as the elders of the congregation determine it to be. The reason the pastor was chosen was due to his adherence to that particular set of local beliefs about how overarching beliefs are practiced in that local congregation. It can vary. In this instance the congregation holds the agreement which serves as verification for the validity of that belief. No one said it was scientific. It’s just another thing that is real.

People who are free to will be encouraged to cautiously explore the realities they encounter from within the safety of the known. Although the very nature of free to nearly demands familiarity with the unknown. I think this phenomenon is on display daily at your local skate park. Those skateboarders must be free to. They have to be free to try that trick they just did a hundred times and take a hundred really bad falls to master all the critical factors involved with making the board do the required flips while maintaining the speed necessary to launch off the ground and accomplish the impossible that they were free to attempt. And yes, they did fail a hundred times. But they don’t fail at all now. Aren’t you amazed? They are too.

1781 Thinking May Not Be as Great as You Think

Which brings us to the idea here. There is a political sect known as Originalists. These folks are believers, which remember indicates they are free from. They propose to be able to channel the spirits of the original signers of the constitution. To be clear, the constitution originally applied to white men simply because no other kinds of men were present. Remember women were not permitted to vote at that time. Slaves were not allowed to vote or think for themselves or anything else because slaves were not free to. They were very much tethered and lived a life of free from. Free from abuse, if possible. Free from, making decisions about what they were to do at any time. You know, free from and tethered to Massa. The present day Originalists assume that time has not taught any lessons and we must follow the letter of the original set of rules laid out in the Constitution, before women could vote, before the civil war, before two world wars, before mass communication like radio and television, before even the internet. Umm, reckon there’s been any changes to the shared perceived reality in all that time? If there have been, are Originalists free to apply what we as a society have learned?

Maybe that world famous Johnson, MagaMike, could serve as a wonderful example of how we can observe these two freedom positions play out for us human types. MagaMike told the world that he was a Christian man when he was elected Speaker of the House. He stated that he was a believer who believed what was in the Bible and that the Bible was his guiding light. But he also said that he was not personally free to because there are bad things people do that results in them going to hell, according to the overarching belief MagaMike professes to believe. He himself could not countenance human beings doing the deed. He might have an erection, and God knows he ain’t free to have that experience, Down Boy! Yet, here is this red-tied dummy showing up at the trial of Big Orange. Why is he there? To complain about how this state legal matter is a miscarriage of justice. Why would he say such a thing since he is in the highest echelons of the government that oversees all judicial activities in the whole damned county?

Is “Free From” Really Freedom at All?

Okay, he is free to go and express his scripted red tie talking point reality but that means he’s allowed to. But in his mind he is not free to express the actual truth that he knows. He is forced to lie to the world because he is enslaved by an entity which is quite mortal and is far from representing what that famous Johnson is trying to sell to the world. Unfortunately, MagaMike is not free to in his own head. He has to get permission to live life. He is not free to even do his job. Nope, MagaMike the Johnson who is Speaker of the House, two unmentionable events away from the Presidency, is free from but not free to. I don’t think that position requires magical thinking that will affect the weather, the positions of the stars or even relies on astrology no matter how well he believes it worked for Reagan.

Big Orange is in court right now because he was free from the trappings of the office of President. He was not free to honor the tradition and trajectory set by those who preceded him. He was not free from his childhood indulgences which trapped him within the incarceration of the belief holders who held his world together. Once he was outside of that world and had been ushered into the world of consequences due to the necessity to be free to carry the gravitas of Global agreement as opposed to his parochial world held together by his namesake organizational agreements. In his namesake organization, he was free from anyone with equal power and differing opinions. Government doesn’t require that kind of constrictions. Government requires the ability to allow consideration of other thinking.

So, even though I do applaud the attempt at freedom to express Big Orange employs, I have a great deal of difficulty considering his proposed rule as promulgating an atmosphere conducive to creativity. I have much less difficulty considering the reality of a Big Orange re-rule as being a purge. For example, I can consider that Big would purge the more liberal justices for ones more nearly aligned with his own transactional world view. Once they were installed he would naturally have to replace malcontents like Alito and Thomas, wouldn’t he? I can’t consider either of those folks as the kind who would give up to a Big Orange dictate.

Let’s cut to the chase here. Enough of the bullshit and the drama. The last election was fair. Nothing was stolen. The people who oversee elections have always been as fair as the communities they labored in. That did not change in the last election. Whaddaya say you knuckleheads who keep on stirring the pot claiming it wasn’t fair because your guy lost take a step back to be free to look at reality. Your guy sucks and no one likes his bullshit spoiled little rich boy agenda. Oh, there are some folks who think he’s the cat’s meow, but even they want to be free to not free from. No one wants to be limited to living a life free from when they can experience the actual freedom to.

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