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The Failings of Trump And Our Government

Jefferson Prophecy

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 6 years ago 9 min read

For the first time in recent memory, the United States has a sitting President who by all accounts has demoralized the office of the Presidency. Since his term began there have been crisis after crisis of internal conflicts that have all originated by Trump's own actions. Not one of his campaign pledges has come to fruition. In fact, most of these self inflicted crisis have nothing to do with the real concerns facing millions of Americans each and every day. If we consider the House repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act as a sign of things to come under this Administration, the majority of Americans will be faced with insurmountable hardships in the years ahead. It is too bad that our Founding Fathers omitted one important detail in the Constitution. The Constitution outlines that federally elected officials are exempt from voter recalls. Today, many states can recall their state and local elected officials when these elected office holders fail to uphold the duties of their office. We have seen in a recent case when the Governor of California was recalled and in a special election was voted out of office. Just think that if our Founding Fathers had not omitted that one important detail about voter recalls the public today would be demanding a voter recall to dismiss Trump as President and vote for an entirely new candidate. And, today, the most favorable candidate to take his place would not be the Vice President but Senator Sanders.

The failings of Trump far exceed the office of the Presidency. He has engaged in behavior that is most consistent with fascists dictators who have all consider themselves above the rule of law. A paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur are all evident by the actions of Trump. And with today's atmosphere in Washington, it is no wonder then that the Trump and his Administration are operating the way they are. One has only to see what has happened in Washington for the past 30 years or so to realize that the government of the people has morphed into a juggernaut of self serving bureaucrats who are beholden not to the public in which they are supposed to serve but to the corporate donors who continue to fill their campaign coffers with ready available cash. Yet, the public is hog tied in trying to oust a President who is a charlatan that came into the highest office by beguiling the public. Not to mention the Democrats who rigged their own primaries to up end the one candidate who had the best chance to win the White House and the support of the majority of Americans whether they are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents.

With the world in crisis mode, the United States needs a leader who has the support of the majority of the public. Today, just within a few short months of this disastrous Administration, public support continues to dwindle to the lowest rating a President has ever received. How much longer can the United States endure an Administration that continues to operate above the rule of law? And, by the same token, how much longer can the United States endure our elected officials continue to ignore the will of the public in which they are sworn to serve?

Someone once stated that America got the President it deserved. There may be more truth to that than we know. Much of America has succumbed to a much lower common denominator in morals, education, and etiquette. This transformation of our society is one of the most notable instances where societies regress while technologies expand. One would think that when new technologies developed, societies would also rise in unison with the new emergence of technologies that enable humanity greater affluence and benevolences toward mankind. In the United States that regression in our society is one of the most contributing factors that gave rise to Trump today.

One can think of another period in recent history where a corrupt Administration thought it could still operate above the law. One can only conclude that today we had better learned a valuable lesson in history for if we don't history will repeat only this time with a more sobering and disastrous outcome. With this nation so glued to the failings of Trump and a growing public having voters remorse, it is quite apparent that we focus not on just one facet of this inept Administration but to harness our energy to salvaging what made this country what it was following the Second World War and not the laughing stock of the world.

The public of the United States has an obligation and a right as outlined by the Jefferson Prophecy to rid ourselves of a government that continues to ignore, dismiss, and completely rebuffs any intrusion into their agendas. Off all our founding fathers Thomas Jefferson understood and realized how a government can become too big, too convoluted, too complex, and too overbearing to be an effective instrument for the general good and welfare of its citizens. Even back 200 years ago, Jefferson knew that big governments, big corporations and big countries don't work. He saw first hand how the British government had become so overbearing and he visualized that one day the US government would also become too overbearing. What foresight he had even back over 200 years ago. It has come to pass that the American public is at the mercy of big corporations today and a government that has become too big and too destructive for the good of the people. This, contrary to what our newly elected Republican Congress keeps saying. It is like when corporations and our government become too big they always loose focus and sight of their humble beginnings.

History is filled with humble beginnings of governments only to rise up to become too big and then fall. It's been the downfall of every single empire that ever graced the planet since the dawn of civilization. The Romans, the Ottoman Turks, the Habsburgs, the Mongols, various Chinese empires, the British, the Portuguese. Not one has survived. Is this going to be the reality that is America today? And, is history about to repeat if, or when, America falls?

What Jefferson did when he penned the Declaration of Independence, he stipulated that when a government loses sight or becomes an extension of an overbearance intrusion on the lives and livelihoods of its citizens it is necessary to overthrow that government and establish a truer form of government by the people and for the people. What America has evolved into is a government of the richest few and a government for those select few. Even back in Jefferson's time he knew that it is an inherent obligation of the people preferably by ballot rather than force to reform that government which has lost its sight on the priorities that are essential for the betterment of all its citizens.

It is this excerpt from the Declaration of Independence " Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of the ends for which it was established, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government." that is the Jefferson Prophecy. The realization today is quite apparent when a Gallop Poll recently stated that over 70% of the American public are completely dissatisfied and disenchanted with the size, scope and reach of our government into the daily lives and livelihoods of the American public. And, when we have Major corporations continue to funnel billions of dollars is assets overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes on yet billions more in clear profits is a clear indication that our government is in collusion with big business and the American people be dammed.

A Prophecy made over 200 years ago, an escape clause as you will right in the Declaration of Independence is unfolding today. Yet, those in government remain oblivious to the undercurrent of distrust that our government will actually do what is right and good for the betterment of all and not just for the 1% either. For too long the United States government has been an instrument used to perpetuate a class of people very reminiscent of the nobility of Europe of centuries ago. Remember the French Revolution? It could very well happen here. What has happened over the course of just the last 45 years is that 70% of our population have become annihilated by the very own democratic process that is a birthright of every United States citizen.

What we are witnessing today is a world tumbling out of control. A fractured country arisen out of the contempt that so many have toward a government whose own interests portray a very dubious agenda that has only deepened the division that is spreading all across America. With the State of The Union Address by our President whose Administration has tried though without much success has at least attempted to quell the animosity the majority of Americans have toward our government. Yet the division only has grown. The Jefferson Prophecy is going to be fulfilled. A realization that only through total unequivocal reform in all levels of government and our democratic process will keep the light of freedom from being extinguished.

Of all our past Presidents from Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, they all understood that a nation so divided cannot and won't last. When Lincoln came to Washington in a time of great division and through his perseverance, fortitude and vision the United States has survived. Now, America has come to a fork in the road. Do we dare veer right or do we stay the straight and narrow? The straight and narrow has only caused more distention and discord which has rendered the majority of Americans seemingly helpless to the realization that their lives and livelihoods are contingent on governmental policies. Government policies that are contrary to the free will of being able to be self reliant.

What the American people need and want is a government that is a true representation of the people and not just a representation of a small percentage, the 1% as we have today. The only way to restore a government for the people and by the people to which our national stability and security will endure for generations to come is by a total reform and usher in an agenda that is capable of doing just that. An agenda that will actually enable the citizens of the United States to have the availability to gain the ability for self betterment and be able to be self reliant. The Jefferson Prophecy will be fulfilled when the United States implements National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of Confederation.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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