The Convenience of Overlooked Facts

by Edward Anderson 12 months ago in opinion

Trump and company have made an art form of misleading and changing facts to suit their narrative.

The Convenience of Overlooked Facts

“How do you know Trump is lying? He’s mouth is open!” It’s a common joke with liberals that the current Oval Office occupant can’t be trusted. Yet, there’s a bigger point here that is being missed. Sure, high up officials are lying but it’s not the lie that’s troublesome, it’s that they are overlooking facts to prove their point.

There are many examples of this behavior within the administration, too many to be listed here. One of the earliest and best examples is the Colin Kaepernick controversy. The football star would kneel during the National Anthem, which set Trump and the far right off on a tangent about football players playing football and staying out of politics. Rather ironic since Trump’s only qualification to hold the office of President is that he was on a middling reality show. To the right, this was about disrespecting the flag and the proud men and women who serve our Country.

Once they hit that narrative, it was all but forgotten that Karpernick was protesting police brutality against people of color, and more importantly a soldier suggested he kneel instead of sitting on the sidelines like he had been doing. The solider, Nate Boyer, said that kneeling showed respect for the fallen soldiers and those killed by police officers. The right ignored this because it wasn’t about racism to them, not their own at least, it was about the flag. Trump even went so far as to call the football players kneeling son-of-a-bitches and called on NFL owners to fire the lot of them. He said nothing of the black people who were being killed, in a true National Emergency.

During the Michael Cohen testimony, Mark Meadows trotted out a black employee of Trump’s. Lynn Patton seemed to serve no other purpose, other than to say “Look, Trump hired a black lady, he can’t be racist. Right! Right?” Wrong. It reinforced the right's belief that black people should accept whatever scraps are given to them by white people. Let’s not forget that there is only one other person; Dr. Ben Carson, in the administration with any kind of title that people would recognize. The rest of the cabinet is made up of rich, white people who are out of touch with the middle class and poor people they should also be representing.

Let us not forget too, that by Meadows assertion that a black person working for Trump, it means that not only is he not racist but there are only two races; White people and not white people. We are supposed to forget that Trump’s journey to the White House began with him calling Mexican people “rapist and drug dealers” and defending white supremacists in the Charlottesville’s riots by saying “there are good people on both sides.” Trump said Nazis were good people. But that’s not racist because we’re supposed to forget that. It’s old news, which makes it fake news in Trump world.

And speaking of Michael Cohen, there was a treasure trove of evidence given to Congress to be used against Trump. But Cohen lied, according to Trump. Except that he supported the ‘no collusion’ narrative, which received praise from Trump. Except Michael Cohen never said that there wasn’t collusion, despite the breathless headlines from prominent newspapers. What he did say was that he had no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Another set of facts that we’re supposed to put to the side and forget about.

Most Republicans seem to forget that when President Bill Clinton said he “never had sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky, they damn near lost their minds when it turned out she sucked his dick in the Oval Office. They were so up in arms about his infidelity they moved to impeach him. They failed to have him removed from office, and it irked them.

Now they seem to support the behavior of forgetting inconvenient facts. From their show during the Cohen hearings to paint him as a liar out for a buck, to them constantly hiding and twisting facts to suit Trump. Somewhere along the way, Republicans lost their morality and sold their souls to the devil known as Trump.

Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson
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