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The Censorship Wars in Media

And Why You Should Care!

By Bradley PerryPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
The Crooked Media!

Recently we have seen a digital cleansing, of sorts. You see, the world of social media has received immense pressures from the mainstream media to silence voices of opposition. This week, that is exactly what happened! The way the social media outlets and big tech companies have been purging the internet of people who share views that are contrary to them is unprecedented. We are in a digital book burning of sorts. I mean this, we can refuse to let people who say things that we don't like have an opinion, but it is a matter of time before it happens to all of us. The media outlets have been the ones pushing for censorship on the internet, and now that they suddenly have it, they will not stop.

Remember, when they come for the people that they don't think should have an opinion, no one will speak up because it does not concern them. This is fine and well because it doesn't concern us, right? Wrong! After they have been silenced, the media will then call for the banning of a slightly lighter group, but opposition just the same. You will not speak up because it does not concern you. Next they will come for the rights of the rest, and there will be no one left to speak up, because they will all be silenced, and the media won't speak up because with all differing opinions gone, they will have no competition. That is when the rest of the media will finally be banned, and no one will care or defend them and the 1st Amendment will officially be dead! After the 1st Amendment is gone, it is a matter of time before the rest slowly get taken away.

When the left had Alex Jones and Infowars censored and taken off the internet, they opened a Pandora's box of scenarios. I know Alex Jones is a very controversial figure, and a lot of what he says is for dramatic effect. The fact remains, though, that if we are willing to silence satire and opposing views because one side doesn't like it, we are being complacent in our own undoing. It is not only going on here, but in other countries as well. In England, where they hold freedom of speech just as closely as we do, at least they used to, they have jailed a man for covering a controversial trial. He was trying to spread the word about a pedophile ring and he was jailed for daring to tell the truth. His name was Tommy Robinson and he was jailed for trying to enlighten people! Does that seem right to you?

In England, they are catering to a sect of radical people and the result is the loss of individual rights and freedoms. The same thing is going on here. By banning Alex Jones and his voice(s), they have let the media know they are, in fact, in charge and they are the one's that set the narrative. This is a very dangerous precedent, folks! The media has tried to control the narrative for a long time, and they will run with the control now that they have it. They are already trying to influence the elections, and now they know they can. The next thing they will try to do is influence the way we view race relations. Mark my words here, they will run with everything they want to run with, and we are not likely to stop them. We have become so accustomed to the media running the narrative, they will start to say and do anything they want. They don't care if the result is violence.

Earlier in the week, we saw the violent attacks against media, ALL the media, and they are ok with this because it is a means to an end. The end is an end to all free speech. Once they are free from the annoying people trying to make their own minds up, they can decide what we hear and see. Just look at the things the MSM has said in the last few years.

MSNBC and Mika Brzezinski said in one of their Morning Joe rants, it is not the people's job to think—that is what they are here for! Go look it up and watch her say those very words! The MSM thinks you are too stupid to think for yourselves, and it is up to all of us to let them know differently. It is up to us, the general public, to let the media know we are the ones that call the shots in our society and governance, not them. We have to speak up and take control. After all, without us there is no need for media, or government. We must be the ones in control of our own destinies. If we are able to take control now, we may be able to save our republic. If not, we are certainly doomed.


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Bradley Perry

A former police officer from N.C. and also a medical professional. I write and have my own preparedness, security, and safety contracting and consulting firm. We also use drones. I also do blogs and have a podcast called The Blue View News.

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