The 2020 Presidential Fight Isn’t Quite Over Yet

by Diana Price 14 days ago in trump

We’re possibly facing our two most dangerous months waiting for change

The 2020 Presidential Fight Isn’t Quite Over Yet
Donald Trump can still do a lot of damage in two months.

Well, we’ve been through another election cycle and maybe the most controversial yet. Chances are, you’re crying foul over unfounded claims of fraud, or you’re dancing in the streets. But for those of you dancing, the next two months may be the most dangerous two months we will ever face under Donald J. Trump. What can we do?

We Still Have to Tell People Covid-19 is Real?

We all know Trump is undermining democracy itself with his unfounded claims of fraud, but the biggest threat we all face is Covid-19. Just this week, an emergency room nurse named Jodi Doering was telling how in South Dakota, people coming into the ER literally dying of Covid-19 were still in denial with their last breath. They even insisted in a few cases that they must be dying of lung cancer instead of Covid-19 and lashed out at nurses.

How strong is your denial of Covid-19 when you would rather have lung cancer than acknowledge Covid-19’s existence? Think about that.

Because they couldn’t comprehend—even as they were dying—that Covid-19 could be real, they didn’t use their last moments to call or Facetime to send their last words to their family, according to Doering, who CNN interviewed.

With a record number of cases, reaching over 100,000 newly diagnosed cases each day, we are still facing a group of people who deny it’s very existence and refuses to follow simple precautions. That’s right… I said simple precautions. People who try to incite violence can have very deadly consequences because a governor wants to take precautions.

And yet the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, who has the highest percentage of infection in the world, refuses any precautions in the name of "freedom." What about the freedom of people to live?

Hate wearing a mask? How are you going to like wearing a ventilator?

No symptons? How many times do we have to tell you that you can be asymptomatic and still have Covid-19? Still spread it?

Don't care because people get older and are going to die anyway? You’re just a heartless piece of shit.

Politicizing the Covid-19 Vaccines

No matter what the reason, Covid-19 is going to be a real problem for the next two months, in particular, before we get leadership that’s going to take action to bring the virus under control. There are two promising new vaccines, but that’s going to take time with Moderna aiming for a December release and Pfizer around the same time or a little later. But as Trump has already shown, if you live in a blue state, like New York, with a governor he is at war with, he intends to politicize the vaccine.

This is appalling. This is Trump.

So blue states may not be able to get to the vaccine until January, or later, and will suffer from the latest temper tantrum from the White House. And many will die. All because Trump doesn’t like some politician in their state.

We Just Narrowly Avoided War

In addition to Covid-19, now we’ve just heard that Trump nearly got us into a war with Iran in the very last days of his presidency. (And yes, it is his last days as his lawsuits are completely unfounded.) He was going to attack Iran’s main nuclear site, but someone advised him against it and he actually listened. For once.

Remember, this is the man who has the codes to our nuclear weapons.

This is also a man who behaves like an infant and is and is in full meltdown mode. Trump’s always been reckless, impulsive, and just plain stupid when it comes to international policy. He can still do plenty of damage in the next two months. Plenty.

He’s unfit to be president even for two more months. He needs to be removed now because he is mentally unfit. But as we know all too well, that isn’t going to happen. So buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a really rocky two months. And during the holidays no less.

Give us all a real Christmas gift the season. Shut up. Go away.

Be safe, everyone. Hang on through the holidays because a new day is coming.

For funny Trump memes to TRY to laugh our way through the pain, visit this site. No masks needed.

Diana Price
Diana Price
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