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Susan Rice is the Deep State’s Sacrificial Lamb

Will Trump Drain the Swamp, or be consumed by the Deep State?

By Patrick HostisPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Somebody must be Obama’s Ehrlichman. Looks like it will be Susan Rice…again. Now, the side for truth needs our John Dean. This has all the ingredients to be the biggest political scandal in American history. The question is, will it? The Deep State will do everything in its power to prevent the full story from getting out. The mainstream media will certainly parrot whatever talking points the Deep State wishes to spread.

Susan Rice is not the type of government tool who would dare hijack the United States intelligence apparatus and use it to spy on domestic political enemies on her own. She was directed by someone-Former President Obama presumably-to do this. Anyone with a basic understanding of how Washington works would never believe Rice, a very unimaginative ideologue, would dream up this Obamagate conspiracy on her own. And many other names come to mind also, Ben Rhodes, Clapper etc. I am sure this domestic spy ring did not develop in a vacuum.

On the other hand, we have been here before. Remember all the heinous crimes Hillary Clinton was wrapped up in? Nothing happened to her. Perhaps it will be the same with this. It is a sad fact that many Americans just accept the fact that justice will never be served on those in power. It does seem like those in the Deep State walk between the rain drops.

Now is the time where we find out how series President Trump is about draining the swamp. He has the power and the resources to expose the all the rotten, corrupt creatures that lurk in the DC swamp. There is a civil war going on right now within the entire US government. One side is President Trump and his supporters. The other is the corrupt deep state that has entrenched itself at every level of the federal government. The President is facing a superhuman effort to eject the Deep State virus from our nation. They will try and destroy him every second, of every day. This is a political battle to the death that will have real life or death consequences in the world.

I believe the greatest impediment to justice being done is the corrupt fake news media. Unfortunately, many Americans still get their news from agenda based mainstream media outlets such as CNN. Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Fox News either, but CNN brings agenda based fake news to a whole new level! What kind of news network would have a drunk Don Lemon debating the virtues of nipple piercings and tattoos on their new year’s show? Answer: CNN. However, CNN has hit upon a formula that works on some non-critical thinkers. Any news that goes against their agenda is automatically fake. And say what you will about leftists, but they truly hang together. They defend their un-defendable insane positions all the way to the grave. Unlike some ‘conservatives’ that happily swap sides to virtue signal too weak minded fools.

How has CNN decided to cover Obamagate? By calling it fake news and not covering it anymore. This response should not come as a surprise to anyone. Those of us in the alternative media know the mainstream media will never solve our problems for us. It falls on us to keep getting this information out. Every day that CNN ignores this story, the alternative media gets stronger. Every day, we pick up more followers. And every day, we red-pill those who used to believe the mainstream media lies! So, on behalf of the alternative media, I would like to thank you CNN. If you had even a small amount of integrity, we would not be nearly as popular as we are. Keep up the bad work.

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Patrick Hostis

Soldier, Patriot, Author, Political Commentator. American to the Core! A believer in American Exceptionalism & the Constitution. Combat Veteran of the Iraq War.

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