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These People Are INSANE!

How the Left is Replacing ISIS as the Number One Threat to World Peace

By Patrick HostisPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

We no longer have to ponder who will fill the bloodthirsty void left by the soon-to-be extinct ISIS. Long-time Clinton family ally Paul Begala made it very clear in his recent CNN appearance how unhinged the leftists in America have become. This crazed man actual seem to suggest we should “blow up” Russia, due to their supposed “collusion” with the then candidate Trump. The last group I heard advocating world war three was the Islamic State. So, in a very real way the left is filling the void vacated by ISIS as the number one threat not just to America, but of the entire World as well!

It must be remembered, these folks are saying this ONLY because their candidate lost the election. If Hillary would have won, or if the Russians had colluded with her to win the election, we would not have heard one peep about retaliating against Russia. They are willing to destroy the entire world because they did not get their way. Or perhaps it is even deeper than that. I have often wondered if the string-pullers of the left have truly thought out the consequences of continuing with the Russia collusion fable. It seems obvious to me that they must have. The only question that remains is what is their goal?

Perhaps they would love seeing the Trump administration being blamed for a destructive, hopefully non-nuclear, conflict that wrecks the world’s economy. The left is often the only true winner when it comes to collapses such as the Great Depression. So, it stands to reason that they may see a strategic way to rejuvenate their dying movement. I find this much easier to believe than they truly have a death wish. After all, the simple-minded fools who spew-up this anti-Russia garbage on CNN are not the drivers of this myth. They are disposable mouth pieces used by the Left's elites. I doubt they have even thought about the possible ramifications of their nonsense.

The arrogance of the elites of the left is shocking. If they think they can somehow remain immune from the effects of a conflict between the U.S. and Russia, they have lost their minds. I assure you, any military engagement with Russia will spiral out of control and cost millions of lives, worldwide. I think the left’s adventures in Libya and Syria has given them a false image of what war is all about. Wars against failed states are not the same as wars against massive super-states like Russia or China. There is a reason why world leaders such President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev went to extraordinary lengths to avoid a direct military engagement between America and Russia. They recognized that an engagement, even a small one, was likely to spiral out of control and ultimately come down to the use of nuclear weapons. A truly unthinkable outcome.

The left seems to think they are protected from the violence and hate they promote between people and nations. Of course, they are not. Speaking as someone who has seen the violence of war with my own eyes, they have no idea what they are playing with. A war between our two nations would not be fought on some far-off battlefield, in some country hardly anyone can find on a map. It will be fought here, amongst us. Amongst our families. Even if we are lucky enough to avoid a nuclear holocaust, a conventional war would be unthinkable as well. Ballistic missile launches, evacuated cities, mass panic and-as always follows in war-the dead. Dead sons. Dead fathers. Dead daughters, mothers. Lives full of so much promise wiped out. Stolen. And for what? Because of a political election? These people are truly insane!

I truly hope they see reason, but intellectually, I know the odds of this are very remote. Perhaps that is the saddest fact of this whole sorry affair.


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Patrick Hostis

Soldier, Patriot, Author, Political Commentator. American to the Core! A believer in American Exceptionalism & the Constitution. Combat Veteran of the Iraq War.

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