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Suella Could Succeed Sunak.

Sunak Realizes Braverman Could Do A Lot Of Damage.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Home Secretary: Suella Braverman.

It seems the writing is on the wall for Sunak. In the beginning, Sunak said his regime would be whiter than white, purer than pure, open and transparent. All this he said when he became Tory leader and Prime Minister. This was on the heels of the disastrous time of Boris the Clown being Prime Minister. Boris's time in office has to be one of the worst times if not the worst time in British political history.

Sunak has tried to distance himself from the time he served as Chancellor in Boris' regime. However, much as he might like, he cannot avoid being linked to it. From the time Johnson made him chancellor to the time he resigned, Sunak was part of this corrupt regime.

Since Sunak has been in No 10 he has faced difficult problems. One was Nadhim Zahawi stepping down under a cloud. Another was Dominic Raab over alleged bullying and mistreatment of those who worked for him. Now he is refusing to hand over evidence against Johnson to an inquiry. The evidence of what Boris said or did not say is contained in WhatsApp messages. On top of this Sunak performed terribly at the recent local elections. Losing a total of 1000 councillors up and down England. Sunak's biggest stumbling block is his and his wife's wealth. The opposition parties know this is Sunak's Achille's heel. Mr. Sunak has said it doesn't bother him. In his opinion, people are not focused on his wealth but instead on what he would do for them. Whilst this may be true, as long as the media and opposition parties keep his fabulous wealth in the spotlight people will be aware of it. Although Sunak's popularity may have improved slightly his party remains trailing Labour in the polls.

So the question has to be asked when Sunak is gone who would replace him? Many people come to mind but one person who comes to mind is Suella Braverman. Braverman is the current Home Secretary and pin-up girl of far-right Tories. She recently spoke at the National Conservatism Conference. Where far-right views (according to some) were espoused and spoken largely. Braverman wasn't the only attending from Sunak's cabinet. Michael Gove also attended the conference. No doubt, there are those ready to move against Sunak should he lose next year's election. Or some other misdemeanour happens and Sunak becomes more of a liability than he already is.

Many urged Sunak to sack Braverman over her attempt to get out of a speeding fine. But Sunak was satisfied with the apology she gave. Others say Sunak wouldn't dare sack her as she would become dangerous on the backbenches. Many who support her within Sunak's cabinet might go with her. Sunak is fully aware that those within and without the Tory party are watching his every move. Just as they watched Boris until in the end it became too much and moved against him. Sunak was one such person who moved against Johnson. So wouldn't be ironic if someone moved against Sunak forcing him to step down. As a Hindu, Sunak will be aware of Karma. The rule is what you sow is what you reap. Having stabbed Boris in the back metaphorically (as some accuse him of) the daggers might also be gradually being drawn against him. That would be poetic justice for sure.

Braverman might not be the only one looking to succeed him. Kemi Badennoch another darling of the right might want to challenge her. Oliver Dowden now Deputy Prime Minister might also want the job. It's doubtful though the Tories will want to change yet another Prime Minister so close to the general election.


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