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Speaking Truth To Power

by Shellioness Love 6 months ago in celebrities

Is Part of The Process as Spoken by Ice Cube

Ice Cube says: "Talking truth to power, is part of the process.” Some of us know what this means. But some of us don't, so I would like to share this moment with you so there is a clear understanding of what is being spoken by this amazing man.

To “speak truth to power” means to confront those who hold important positions, whether in government, business or religious institutions.

To “speak truth to power” means to demand a moral response to a problem, rather than an expedient, easy or selfish response.

The phrase “speak truth to power” carries a connotation of bravery, of risking either the status quo, one’s reputation or livelihood, or the wrath of the person one is confronting.

“Speaking truth to power” means believing deeply in what you say and fighting every day to have that heard. It may not be popular; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something.

Nipsey Hussle said: "Having Strong Enemies is a Blessing."

This to me is a perfect example to this quote by our Man Nip. Proving intelligence is there.

The Godfather said: "Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer"

Another example thus proving that our generation is above all the only generation to get this started for the future of all Black Americans to gain equality in this lifetime.

I said it was up to us to make a change well then let it be. Let it happen.

I stand by Cube all day any day!!! I agree 100% with him. He knows exactly what he's doing.

HE DID NOT and I repeat HE DID NOT say he was endorsing anyone. He is going to be a TEACHER and an ADVOCATE. Here is the real deal that the media doesn't like to show anyone. I would like to share with you all just a piece of info for those who are just too ignorant to see it or those who wish to look past is the fact that Cube was also trying to do the same with Biden. But they weren't having it. Why is that?

Well because Biden and all affiliated with him are fake supporters of the black communities, here is what was reported: Ice Cube touched base with Biden’s campaign, too, but received only a vague commitment to have “a seat at the table” if the former vice president won.

Trump actually made changes to his current efforts and is going to give it a shot. Here is what was reported: Ice Cube's team continued to hash out ideas with the White House and eventually elicited a promise of $500 billion in funding to be included in Trump’s election-year plan.

Do you actually think Ice Cube our O.G. is turning against his own people? Maybe you need to question your loyalty since anyone slamming him is actually turning against him. Is that fair? Those who do not realize this and slam him for what he is most likely going to do for the black community, need to go educate yourselves. This man was born in 1969, he is no stranger to this thing here called life and he is actually someone who has also seen, heard and lived the things going on. He isn't a traitor or a sellout or a privileged man, nah he worked his ass off to have the life he gets to live. That is not being privileged at all. That is called using your mind and abilities to get you somewhere in life. He is a very smart man and I truly do stick by his decision making and so should everyone else. If you want change you must have faith in him.

Shellioness Love
Shellioness Love
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