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Sorry Reagan, I Gotta Vote Democrat

Why A Lifelong Republican Will Vote Democrat This Year

By Dan McGinnisPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Since before I was old enough to vote, I have been a conservative Republican. I worked Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign while still in high school doing everything from knocking on doors, working the phone bank, and compiling voter data. It was incredible. Equally important, it was a victory!

In the 40 years since my initial venture into the world of politics, I have held almost every position imaginable. I have been campaign manager, press secretary, candidate, name it. I always focused on the key components that identified a Republican: low taxes, free trade, strong military. I never supported run-away deficits and blowing up the national debt, but I accepted that there were times when that was necessary. All of that changed in 2016.

The field of GOP presidential candidates was impressive, but included one nut-job: Donald Trump. I really liked what Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., was saying and I believed he would be a calming, conservative change to eight years of Barack Obama. I never, never, believed Trump would have any staying power against a field of phenomenal, experienced candidates. Boy was I wrong.

When Trump seized the GOP nomination, I immediately switched to supporting Evan McMillan. He had no chance of winning, but at least he was a conservative. There was no way I could ever bring myself to support Hillary Clinton, although I have always conceded that she was/is absolutely qualified to be president. Unlike Trump, Hillary at least knows how government works and has read the Constitution.

I said it during the primaries and say it today: Donald Trump is the most unfit person to ever be elected president (Rest easy James Buchanan). Despite all his claims, Trump proves every single day that he has no idea what he is doing and cannot overcome the insatiable need to boost his own ego and the expense of a nation, a troubled people, our allies, or history. He has taken great joy in destroying the foundation of the Republican Party and it's principles. It is now the party of — of which I will have no part.

In November a blue wave is coming. I have no allegiance to the tenants of the Democratic Party. I do not support their left-wing driven agenda, nor do I support most of the policies it preaches. Nonetheless, I am committed to vote straight Democrat Party ticket for one purpose only: to slam the brakes on a reckless Trump.

When Trump loses Congress (the House is gone, the Senate questionable), he will find it almost impossible to pass his crazed agenda. He will be forced to the negotiation table. And, perhaps most importantly, the Congress will have subpoena power to begin some true oversight of an unfit, unorganized, unqualified administration.

In recent weeks the noise of impeachment has grown from a backroom whisper, to a talking point of Trump himself. While I believe Trump is unfit, I also concede he was duly elected. Impeachment for impeachment sake is not the answer. But, the Mueller Report has yet to be written—the investigation is no where near complete. If it shows Trump had any connection to the Russians, then I want the House to act appropriately. The Democrats will do that. The Republicans would only continue to provide cover from Trump.

I am embarrassed for the Republican Party today. I am still a loyal conservative, but for now, I need to do my part to slow Trump down. Voting Democrat in November does just that.


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