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So You Want to Do Physical Removal

The alt-right and sellout-anarchists are either naive or intentionally lying about their creed.

By Zach FosterPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
British police at Croydon Airport send Jewish refugees back to occupied Poland in 1939. Image courtesy of University of North Carolina Pembroke.

The alt-right and their bosom buddies, the Cantwellian Helicopter Libertarians, want to throw people out of helicopters like Pinochet's regime did to dissidents. Those that aren’t excited to commit mass murder in the name of 'liberty' or capitalism still favor a more sterilized, softer form of “physical removal” in the form of deportations or imprisonment.

I say to them: Fine. Physically remove people. But those calling for physical removal better be man enough to do it themselves! History is filled with mass murders that were tolerated by people who chose to remain silent and not get their hands dirty. In 1945, vanquished Germans cried "We didn't know!" to the Allies. No more of that. If people want physical removal, they need to lead by example and actually start ripping people from their families, not do what the socialist Republicans do and blissfully outsource that violence to the State.

The alt-right conservatives and their expendable auxiliaries, the Helicopter Libertarians, would argue that the federal and state governments exist whether libertarian anarchists want it or not. Therefore, they say, the best chance that ‘freedom’ has in America is for libertarians to use these entities to remove people who are threats to liberty. That's cute.

What the alt-right ignores is that those entities they're giving more power and public funds to are the threats to liberty. I see on the news that a few people in my city get robbed here or there by criminals, but I go into City Court today to get robbed by civil servants, and I see literally hundreds of other people getting robbed every hour. What are they charged with? Not having a piece of paper, and not having the money to pay the original citation's extortion fee, and then being vindictively punished with even further financial penalties.

At some point, executive and judicial government stops being about serving the public and starts being about the people being delivered as hostages to the state. Instead of 'government of, by, and for the people,' people serve the state, even at the cost of the working poor being fined (taxed) deeper into poverty.

Right-wingers, Helicopter Libertarians, and right-of-center moderates alike have drank the Trump Kool Aid, foolishly thinking that the government under the new administration would be radically different from the government under Barack Obama. It's the same government, just a different window dressing.

Trump’s supporters obviously haven’t reached their threshold of pain yet. The Trump supporters argue that Trump is actually shrinking the federal government, not expanding it, and that his rule by Executive Order is restoring our liberty. Now that’s funny!

Reducing the state until it can be adequately dissolved is a central pillar of Marxism. After the proletariat seizes the means of production (which in crony capitalist countries requires taking over the government too), they’ll have to use the State to enforce the revolution. They expect society to prosper under that State and the ideals it represents, and that society will produce enough abundance and behave appropriately enough that the State will be reduced steadily and eventually dissolved. Through a different philosophy but a very similar practice, the Helicopter Libertarians expect to reduce the State until it's dissolved. They sound like Communists! If the Helicopter Libertarians ever got to actually put their policies into practice, they'd turn into the KGB or the SS-SD in a heartbeat, but with pretty black-and-yellow flags and maybe even that stupid frog in the upper left corner.

Frankly, there will likely be no dissolving the United States. The best we libertarians hope to do in preserving freedom is constant generational activism. We the People have to continuously agitate and fight to rollback some parts of the State while the statists reverse our work in other parts. Tyranny versus liberty will be an endless game of both sides playing Whack-a-Mole. When Thomas Jefferson wrote about the Tree of Liberty being occasionally watered by the blood of tyrants and patriots, this is the logical extreme he was talking about.


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Zach Foster

Freelance writer. Served as a reserve soldier. Occasionally works as a private contractor. Senior Contributor for the Libertarian Party of Nevada blog.

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