Zach Foster

Freelance writer. Served as a reserve soldier. Occasionally works as a private contractor. Senior Contributor for the Libertarian Party of Nevada blog.

What You Need to Know About Las Vegas and Marijuana
2 years ago
Many leading successful entrepreneurs--the multi-millionaires whose books and seminars people pay a ton of money for--all say you should get paid to do what you enjoy so your money works for you inste...
So You Want to Do Physical Removal
2 years ago
The alt-right and their bosom buddies, the Cantwellian Helicopter Libertarians, want to throw people out of helicopters like Pinochet's regime did to dissidents. Those that aren’t excited to commit ma...
Women, the Anti-Trump March, and Gun Rights
2 years ago
** As an instructor trained by the NRA and licensed by the BSA, I professionally teach children how to shoot, and what their responsibilities with guns are. I've turned teenage girls into sharpshooter...
The Holocaust: Where Are the Bodies?
2 years ago
Skeptics of the Holocaust ask a question most people don’t know the answer to: what happened to the bodies? If between 6 and 11 million people were slaughtered, where are the millions of bodies? The t...
The Firebirds
2 years ago
The beautiful thing about doo wop music is how deceptively catchy it is. Just about anyone can hear the drums, guitar, saxophone, and crooning coming from their speakers, and it’ll put a smile on thei...
The Hot War: Bombs Away
2 years ago
Harry Turtledove doesn’t identify as an alternate history writer, but rather as “a historian who writes science fiction.” Bombs Away isn’t quite what most readers would think of as science fiction, bu...