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Sir Keir Will Pop Over Channel to See Macron.

Sir Keir Presumptive Prime Minister in Wating.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Prime Minister in Wating: Sir Keir Starmer.

No doubt, Sir Keir, is looking forward to the general election, whenever, Wishy Washy has the guts to call it. As Sir Keir said today in Prime Minister's Questions.

Sir Keir has everything to crow about right now. He has had a good year compared to Sunak. Seeing success in the polls, local election success, success in by-elections. Sir Keir and his Team, will be, getting ready, to take the reigns of power if that moment occurs.

So, with that in mind, Sir Keir is going to his potential opposite number, in Paris. It is most unusual, that opposition leaders, on the whole, visit world leaders. However, back in the 80s, another Labour leader Neil Kinnock (whilst in opposition) visited Ronald Reagan. No doubt, thinking that had Kinnock won the general election he would have had to have a good relationship with Mr. Reagan. However, that never happened and Mrs. Thatcher remained Prime Minister. When Trump came to the UK, a few years ago, Corbyn wanted to meet Trump. However, Trump refused to meet Corbyn at the time. Had Corbyn, been elected to power, the two men's meeting would have occurred. On the surface, both men seem politically miles apart. However, both men have been mavericks all their lives. Neither man fits into the political system. So, left and right aside, both men might have found they had a lot in common. However, Corbyn was soundly trashed by Boris in 2019.

Now, with Sir Keir, being the potential Prime Minster, he is off to see Emmanuel Macron. The meeting is expected to take place at Macron's Presidential residence 'The Elysee Palace'. Nigel Farage had to stick his oar in with the following comment: "Starmer gets to play the role of leader in waiting".

For Macron, it will be a chance, to meet the possible next British Prime Minister. Both men will get the chance to assess each other. Getting the chance to see what any working relationship would be like. Farage seems to think that Macron will prefer Starmer as Prime Minister rather than Sunak.

Starmer will no doubt discuss the UK and France's relationship post-Sunak. Issues will be discussed like the UK having closer links to the EU. Also, migration from France to the UK across the Channel will also be discussed.

Farage observed that Starmer's visit to Macron would make Sunak uncomfortable. Seeing Sir Keir visiting Emmanuel will make all of Sunak's nightmares come true. Seeing the meeting between the President and the man who would be Prime Minister could be a vision of the future. Sunak, however, cannot let his mask slip, showing a dent in his armour over this. The Prime Minister and his motley crew will be putting a brave face on. Showing to the world that everything is fine and the Tories are in control. To borrow the title from a much-loved comedy 'Keeping Up Appearances'. A comedy about a woman obsessed with showing her neighbours everything is as it appears to be. Sunak would appear to be in that situation too.

So the prospects of Sunak becoming an ex-Prime Minister are all around him. From poor polling to losing by-elections and the local elections performing badly. Despite that, Sunak, says he is looking forward to the next general election. Either he knows something we don't or he is again putting on a brave face. Either way, Sunak knows he will have to go to the people. He knows that if he wants to stay in power, he will need, to get a mandate from the people.

Meanwhile, it seems Starmer, has at last the trust of many people. Whereas Sunak does not have and will probably never have the trust of the British people.



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