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Chris Packham: Talks to Jeremy Corbyn.

Packham and Corbyn Are On The Same Page.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Naturalist: Chris Packham.

I remember Chris Packham as a kid presenting animal documentaries and programmes for kids. The blonde, spikey-haired, Punk Presenter was upfront about his love for the Planet and all Species upon it. Today, at the age of 62, Packham is no different and is more vociferous about the planet we live on.

Packham lives in a house in the forest. It seems the isolation does not bother him. He lives surrounded by nature and his dogs. Packham is in a relationship with another female presenter. He has also taken on her daughter as his own. However, Packham's autistic condition means he cannot live with the woman he loves. They have a relationship where they see each other but do not dwell together (for reasons explained). Packham does not attend parties or gatherings because he cannot stand crowds. Packham is very much a loner. Charlotte Corney says being in a relationship with Chris, is often like, being in a relationship with an alien.

Packham comes from an ordinary background and attended a state school. However, he was lucky enough to land a job with the BBC and become a Presenter. Often seen as the successor to David Attenborough. Mr. Attenborough though in his 90s is still going strong.

Chris Packham has recently been holding the government and other parties to account. To account, over their environmental promises and credentials. In line with the 'Just Stop Oil' organisation Packham has launched a one man campaign in Westminster. Taking to the streets Packham calls his campaign "No New Oil". Sunak has recently granted licences to oil and gas companies to explore regions of the North Sea for gas and oil. It is part of Sunak's idea to make the UK more energy efficient in fossil fuels. Yet, it will not make, the UK more efficient, according to some.

Packham does not want the government or any future administration (regardless of politics) to invest in fossil fuels. Packham has long pointed out the dangers and perils of human activity. Like a Prophet from the Old Testament and in the wilderness Packham points out the follies of mankind. And just as people back then did not listen to those prophets (before disaster befell them) so the world is not listening to Packham, Attenborough, etc. We have seen floods, fires, air-pollution, extinctions and near extinctions of creatures we supposedly share the Earth with.

Why would people like Sunak care about the planet? Throughout Sunak's life he has lived and continues to live a throughly materialistic life. Packham represents everything that Sunak could lose. So Sunak and Co might talk about climate change. Maybe, some are serious, but we live in a consumer society and those at the top need us to keep tapping into it. It gives them the lifestyle they want and they cannot have people like Packham, Attenborough, etc, preaching some narrative that would threaten that.

Meanwhile while campaigning on the streets of Westminister Packham happened on one Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn, himself, is a vegetarian (presumaly like Packham) and has made his environmental credentials well known. The former Labour Leader is a man you either love or hate. Much like Packham himself. Packham interviewed Corbyn on what the government should be doing.

Corbyn said, "That would be a very good place to begin the profits they've made are absolutely astromical out of the vagaries of gas and oil". After Packham had put to him a question about taxing fossil fuel companies. Packham mentioned the grotesque profits these dealers in gas and oil are making.

"We should not invest in fossil fuels. We should have a shorter working week and have Universal Basic Income" Corbyn continued. Chris Packham listened and agreed mostly with everything the veteran left-winger said.

Both Packham and Corbyn said the government doesn't care about the lives of ordinary folk. All they are interested in is headlines and feathering their own nests. More interested in votes and it seems to hell with the climate crisis.



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