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Sir Keir: Outlines Plans For Government.

The Labour Leader's Speech.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Labour Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir Keir and the Labour party seem to be very much in the ascendency now. Many voters across the country are warming to the Labour leader's policies.

Many in the beginning thought Sir Keir boring and a lurch back to the right of Labour ala Tony Blair. But with Boris' partygate fiasco, Brexit not working as promised, and Liz Truss and her disastrous budget, it seems people have had enough of 12 years of Conservative mismanagement.

Even the so-called 'golden boy' of the Conservatives Rishi Sunak has done little to avert the Tory slump. If there was a general election today Labour could be expected to be returned to power with a thumping majority. The Conservatives would be humiliated and in the wilderness for years. And deservedly so after 12 years of corruption, sleaze, and mismanagement. Of course, all this is speculation but here's hoping this will be the future outcome.

Seemingly putting fuel on the fire of Tory misery Sir Keir outlined his plans for a future Labour government. For a start, he had the 'House of Lords' in his sights. Sir Keir wants to abolish the 'House of Lords' and set up instead an elected chamber. Abolishing the 'House of Lords' would be a tremendous undertaking and would not be done overnight. Equally, establishing an elected house would also need careful planning.

Sir Keir would oversee the expulsion of 50,000 civil servants from London. To work in parts of Britain that get overlooked and make government more accessible (in theory).

Labour in the 1990s-200os gave Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland devolution. In other words, these British nations are still under Westminister's rule but have greater freedom in their own affairs.

Sir Keir outlined plans for greater freedom for regions in the UK. To deliver local solutions to local problems. So that those who know their areas would be able to deliver that understanding and solutions to those areas.

In Sir Keir and Deputy Angela Rayner you have two working-class people made good. Particularly, Ms. Rayner who perhaps more than most can identify with the struggles of ordinary folk.

In total contrast in the Tory government, Rishi Sunak is the richest MP in parliament. Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt are not short of a bob or two either. Even if they tried and were genuine how can they possibly understand the struggles of folk? That's not to say a Labour government under Starmer and Rayner would not have its faults. But it cannot be as bad as the nightmare this government has put us through can it?

Having more than one job in parliament is a bone of contention. Sir Keir would avert most (why not all regardless of party) MPs from having second, third, or even fourth jobs. Something many Tories would oppose no doubt and even some in the opposition parties. MPs have already gotten paid well for being servants of the people. And they often take other jobs. Do they take other jobs because they need the money or is it greed?

Sir Keir outlined an attractive set of ideas. Let us hope that the electorate approves of these ideas and agrees at the ballot box in 2024 for Labour. Of course, the recent by-election which saw a Labour MP elected will be a blow for Wishy-Washy Rishi and his cabal.

Sunak has two years or less to turn things around and get the public back on his side. But why would we want him to? The Conservatives under Cowardly Cameron, Mishap May, Bungling Boris, and now Wishy-Washy Rishi have had 12 years to get things right. In my humble opinion folks, the time for change is well overdue.




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