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Sir Keir Must Present His Credentials

Prime Minister in Waiting?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Opposition Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir Keir will be meeting President Macron soon. He and his Team will climb the steps of the Elysee Palace to be greeted by Macron. President Macron, from his point of view, will want to familiarise himself, with what could be the UK's next government. The personal chemistry between Macron and Starmer will be important as will be the body language (for you people watchers out there!). Important because Macron and Starmer will need to have a good working relationship, friendship, and similar goals. This will apply when Keir Starmer (as Prime Minister) meets other world leaders.

When Sunak meets the likes of Macron, Biden, etc. it seems they treat Sunak less favourably. Macron, in pictures with Sunak, Sunak always looks like the junior partner. With Macron able to wrap the hapless Sunak around his finger. That may not be the case, however, Emmanuel seems to be the puppeteer and Sunak is his puppet. Whereas Biden ignores Sunak much of the time and sits away from him. Treats Sunak like something slimy that has crawled out from under a rock. Again, that might be my interpretation, but that is how it comes over.

When it comes to Macron and other EU leaders including Ursula Von Der Leyen Starmer may have a warmer relationship. Certainly, during Brexit, Starmer made no bones about the fact, he was disappointed, about the result. That of the UK leaving the European Union. However, Starmer, said he was committed to making 'Brexit' work. Starmer hopes to move closer to the EU though.

And why not, the EU, culturally, racially, and religiously, has more in common with the UK. More in common than a country like India. Yes, Britain, has a close relationship with India. Through the Empire, Commonwealth and the number of Indians who have settled here. Our current Prime Minister is of Indian origin.

That said, from time immemorial, the majority white British population will be descended from migrants, invaders, etc. from Europe. That is the same today with Europeans settled here who came over from the EU.

Adam Boulton, of Sky News, said that with Labour riding high in the polls, this is the time to present Sir Keir, as a credible, alternative to Sunak. The Labour Party Conference will present Sir Keir Starmer as that alternative. Headlining will be his ideas, potential policies, etc. Also, his ministers-in- waiting like Angela Rayner, Rachel Reeves, David Lammy, and so on. Like the Elvis song said, "It's Now Or Never", and that is certainly true for Starmer. Starmer and Co. have never had such a good time to prepare to be the next government. The next election will probably be next May or October. So Labour seems to be gearing up to be that next government. If the Labour lead continues in the polls it shows people are ready to give Sir Keir a go.

Liverpool will be the conference location. Not only will there be the main ministers in Starmer's shadow cabinet on display but there will be side events too. Labour under Starmer, has come back, to the middle ground, some might even say the Labour right. Will Momentum the movement within Labour that supported Corbyn make an appearance? It is possible, but perhaps very little on the main stage but there will be more far-left/socialist events on the sidelines. On the main stage and in fringe events different subjects will be debated and discussed. Of course, Union representatives will be there as will non-shadow cabinet Labour MPs. Business leaders will also be there. Media outlets will be there reporting on every facet and event that happens at the Labour Conference 2023.


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