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Reason First: Can Individualism Fight Mass Murderers Like the One in Christchurch, New Zealand?

With a first-handed approach, racism and Islamism can be battled against.

By Skyler SaundersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
The bloody location.

Words like “radical” and “extremist” should only be reserved for actual individuals who champion far out ideas like the elimination of science, economics, education, and ideas from government. Like capitalists. The suspects involved in the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre should be labeled as cowards and puny practitioners in the initiation of physical force.

What one ought not to do is commit atrocities against evils like Islamism. Write novels, film documentaries, draw cartoons, but never should an individual start violence against others or themselves in the name of defeating an idea.

Whether it is black, brown, red, yellow or white supremacy, the subjugation of the individual to melanin (or lack thereof) or hair texture, or eye color should be a non-factor. The mind ought to be the only standard in the realm of dealing with people. Mass murders arise because of the irrationality on behalf of the shooter, or bomber, or knife wielder, or van driver. To strike down people who are engaged in practicing their ideas is particularly vicious. But would media outlets cover the story the same way if the setting became America with atheist victims? Death and destruction remain the end result of thoughtless brutes who decide not to face reality. Instead, they distort it to fit their own selfless, evil ends. It is bloodshed that they crave because what’s left of their minds drifts into an unfocussed state. Only malevolence fills the space where creativity, productiveness, and a purpose should have been.

Because these ugly savages could not employ their minds to eliminate collectivism and find individualism, they’re the same as Islamic terrorists. Both camps possess the wickedness of not recognizing reality. They have shown that in order to fend off bad ideas, they must do so by force. Not only is this impractical, it’s immoral and evil. Ayn Rand’s intellectual heir Leonard Peikoff said that, “intellectual clarity does not flow from the muzzle of a gun.” This can be applied to every act of the start of violence whether with fists or intercontinental ballistic missiles.

It is the mind that can and must retaliate against that force. What happened in New Zealand and will continue to happen without a proper philosophy pronounced to all nations is most certainly a crime, not a “hate crime.” The hatred carried by every reasoning brain is separate from criminal acts. Hate is a fact of life. Crimes don’t have to occur. Just because the supremacists felt their way through life doesn’t mean that their crimes should be categorized as an emotional state. They should be observed with every ounce of objectivity and not confuse feelings with terrible acts.

They had no clue as to put to use their brains. Because of collectivist principles, they sought out their same folk, community, nationality, or skin color among a whole host of other collectives. The fight against Islam only gets more difficult as Muslims are viewed as victims. Instead of acknowledging the barbarism involved in this faith, most gloss over or see and never state that the whole system of belief (like all others) is corrupt. While a billion Muslims may never carry out acts of terror, they are complicit by association and passive advocates for murder, rape, genital mutilation, and scores of other flagrant acts. To run up in mosques and mow down as many people as possible makes it that much harder for the battle against the vile doctrines of Islam.

Thought is the only way to defeat both racial supremacy and Islamism, which is a supremacy based on faith. It is only with the active, cognitive brain that such acts can be stamped out for good. For centuries, men and women have sensed that to change minds, they have to maim, murder, or dismember their fellow humans. At this time in history, fraught with the nastiness of altruism and the despicableness of collectivism, minds around the globe can finish off mysticism’s vile face as well. Through the power of a pen, a camera lens, a paintbrush, or the click or tap of a smart device, an individual can fight for the power of the mind. Full rationality is required.


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