The Real American Crisis


The fast track mobilization of our corporate world has made the United States government synonymous with the giants of industry. It is these giants of industry that have pushed America into the realization that the majority of Americas are now faced with third world conditions. With the names of Halliburton, Koch, Texaco, Chevron, Bank American, Wal-Mart and others whose CEO's control the purse strings of our elected officials, corporate control is the reality of today. For over 100 years Washington's predatory economic policies and the Global elite methodically pushed the United States out of contention as the world's largest economy. In doing so corporate America has left millions of Americas so impoverished that they will have no chance of ever rising above the poverty level that they have been thrust into. The cycle of poverty has only grown wider.

One only has to drive through any metropolitan area to see the aftermath of over 50 years of economic policies that have decimated whole cities. Once sprawling suburbs that housed the middle class have now become infested with foreclosed boarded up homes. In almost every suburb and even in what once was many of the wealthiest all across the country has seen over a 100 % increase in their rate of poverty just within the past few years. In so many parts of the country the realism that people live in is straight out of the history books regarding the times of the Great Depression and the dust bowel of the 1930's. The fact of the matter is too many people actually are wallowing in acute desperation languishing day after day struggling just to survive. Everywhere around the country the plight of poverty strikes a very harsh reminder that the US has fallen so far and so fast. This reality is as stark as it gets.

Our democratic process has been compromised to the point that every policy, law, and mandate that has come out of Washington is tied to guarantee corporate profits. Now, we have college graduates with six figure student loans. Those graduates who manage to land jobs today, this in light of the fact of the recent jobs report stating that employment opportunities are available and yet, those employed today are now regarded as indentured servants. The corporate world has been allowed to let incarcerated individuals work for them. And, for all practical purposes really are slaves beholding to the taskmasters of industry.

We have seen the accumulation of wealth unprecedented in modern times. These few, now the super elite, are the real power behind the legislation that has come out of Washington. Legislation that has only cemented the accumulation of wealth to continue unabated. It this accumulation of wealth that has become a pathology; those who have it want it all. Let's not forget Wall Street either; for all practical purposes it should be regarded as the world's largest crime syndicate. With the financial debacle of 2000 and 2008 followed by Washington coming to the rescue to shore up those same financial institutions and Wall Street that originally caused the crisis in the first place has made it quite obvious that the majority of Americas will always be left out in the cold.

More sobering are these facts: the United States has the largest prison population in the world. Our public educational system has only continued to fail the students of our country. We are no longer the pinnacle of educational standards of the world. The US continues to spend the most on health care and yet we have millions who still can not afford coverage. Four out of five children continue to go the bed each night literally starving. And, the US has over 35% adults living so far below the poverty line to even be counted. The land of the plenty has only made plenty of impoverished citizens whose lives are tormented by policies that have favored the 1%.

Those in Washington for years have turned a blind eye on much of the country. To see that just follow old Route 66 across the country. The realism of how people actually try to survive in America today is a stark reminder that the empowerment of people everywhere has been striped away for corporate gains. The working poor are being taken advantage of by policies that have allowed predatory businesses to pray on the dire situations that so many individuals have fallen into. From payday advances to car credit loans and others that continue to operate under false pretenses that are getting richer while more people become poorer. They are now trapped into a cycle of poverty that they find impossible to climb out of.

When we ask an elected official, whether a member of the House or Senate, to embark on a quest to find answers to alleviate the deplorable conditions so many Americans have fallen into the answer will always be we are too busy attending to the business of our constituents. Misshaped ideologies that have manifested out of the need to self perpetuate their own incumbency through the corporate profits that always seem to flow back into the coffers of our elected officials. Thank you Supreme Court.

We just may be on the verge of a great sociological shift. With the recent protests in Ferguson, New York and other major cities could foster a great swell, a tempest of frustration. It is this great swell of frustration that should boil over to through off the yolk of oppression. For years Washington has been allowed to suffocate economic and financial opportunities for far too many Americans. That yolk of oppression really has choked off the economic opportunities for the majority of Americans. Americans who only seek empowerment to improve their quality of life but can't. Empowering the majority of the people with the availability to have the means of rising out of the cycle and circle of poverty is the way to actually fulfilling the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution. Achieving this will bring about the financial security, economic stability and prosperity every society covets.

The only way for the United States to have the means in which to empower it's citizens to actually improve their quality of life and break out of that circle of poverty is through educating the electorate that National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation must be implemented to regain the economic prominence and restore the middle class. Only in this way can the United States future be secured. The other alternative will only continue to widen the income disparity gap and entrap more Americans into the wasteland of poverty.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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