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One World Order, Could China Fit The Bill?

There Is Competition Amongst Super Powers For The Status Of a ‘One World Government.’

By Dave WettlauferPublished 3 months ago 10 min read
One World Order, Could China Fit The Bill?
Photo by Mathias Reding on Unsplash

If you had to pick an honorary recipient for a New World Order ‘What Governing Body Would You Put In The Hat?

My story could start with my latest read from a CNN article saying that China is proclaiming, ‘under the circumstances’, ‘they believe they would be the best bet for making peace and prosperity throughout the whole world. One World Order. Would they?

One world order governed by the Chinese? Therefore after reading, it is no wonder that the article by CNN Simone McCarthy got my undivided attention.

As the world is turning at such a fast pace wars are as prominent as the beginning of time. We have not come far up the food chain in the mentality department. After reading the CNN article, I found myself at odds with the theme and that I should comment with my thoughts. But alas, no section to voice my view.

That brought me here to share my thoughts with you people and in part with a link for CNN's whole story HERE.

By History in HD on Unsplash

One World Order topic has been brought up many times in the past, I remember JFK commenting that 'was his vision.’

The JFK story started with a speech many years ago, but not only did he mention the US has to be first at best in any endeavor. One World Order topic was also mentioned.

Now I found this information when I doing research on Canada’s Avro Arrow Interceptor that’s long gone. But along with that same speech, he also commented with the phrase, ‘One World Order,’ at the time his thinken was, they (the U.S) should be the ones as mentioned above.

That was the first time I recollect the term ‘One World Order’ ever coming up. But since that day, there have been many occasions by many government speeches where that term was mentioned and, maybe ... that is the solution to the world chaos.

So in today's world, this idea of a one-world body has been hashed over and probably more times you could imagine behind closed doors.

Since Kennedy's speech in the 60s we have all heard the phrase ‘one world government’s many times and I’ve given that topic some serious thought through the years. And then, Hollywood throws in a movie like The Hunger Games for example. This is proclamed to be a fiction story but, maybe not. Watching that flick somewhat through a curve ball in my reasoning.

But whose name or governing body would you put in the hat that would or could have the best credentials of running a world government, China like what they proclaim, the US? … Maybe peace-loving Canada perhaps.

But threw all fairness, some of us have years to look back on to compare past dirty deeds done by all governing bodies of the world. Mostly power and control were always up front and personal and in the same sentence. Seeing some of those times firsthand never sat right.

Which government would be a good candidate for a one-world rule?

Certainly not a country or head of state that believes wars are the only way to settle a dispute or excepting, people in conflict being collateral damage is ok in their minds. Or sending your next-door neighbor's kids to war and the head of state kids of military age are protected with immunity far from any conflict, away from any kind of harm.

Well, that part roomer never sat well either.

The US has always proclaimed to be the rightful new world order and like I said, back in Former President Kennedy’s day, that was his thinking, and maybe rightfully so.

But our generation can look back and siphon threw the bullshit propaganda even from the US that’s always been there from pure fact going back, well forever.

Comparing apples to apples, could China and all its might fit the bill as they proclaim, and never mind about their abusive human rights track? But the apple enology means the US and China. Two global superpowers that got that way through brute strength, not by love, peace, and then prosperity.

That’s where we started this story. Could China be the upcoming start that will save humanity from ourselves?

A Little History of the United States and Canada

As a Canadian and hearing and seeing firsthand stories back in the day and from many war vets, the Avro Arrow comes up, and then those poor factory workers who lost their jobs at Malton that Black Friday. The story behind that last statement is the famous Avro Arrow Interceptor and, its alive and well still today.

But where the 60-year-old story should be put to rest it seems as the story of Canada buying military fighters off-shore to replace the aging arsenal they do have, the Avro story seems to come up and pick up speed, back in the limelight it comes.

But the Avro Arrow was throughout Canadian history as being homegrown, with Canadian talent, know-how, and, Canadian blood sweat, and tears. We, Canada have not got many inventions or achievements that we can call homegrown, but this was one.

Now we all should put that story to rest because it is past tense and only a dream in the older generation's minds. But with my last comment on the Avro Interceptor, all believed as well as those factory workers who lost their jobs that day remembered that Canada’s great aviation future was stolen and gone from them that very moment the Avro was canceled.

Most People Believed It Was Due To, Foreign And Outside Political Influence.

But when Former President Donald Trump was in office, he forever slandered Canada and threatened to build a wall between the two nations. The mood certainly changed in the Great White North (Canada) when Trump proclaimed Canada a security risk and the great wall between both countries was now on the drawing board.

For people who don’t know the Canada/US relationship, we have been bum bodies forever. We have family and friends on both sides of the border. Half the politicians running Canada have dual citizenship status, mostly American.

And in my eyes that could favor the US in many decisions. But that’s just me thinking out loud.

But if I had to entertain a world government, who would I pick, the Chinese and their track record Russia would surely be out for a one-government world order. The once powerful UK and the Monarchy are out because, in my mind, they are only a symbol today.

And by seeing through my eyes, holding on to the shirt tail of the Americans, well …somewhat like Canada. Which means if I had to choose, who would it be? The Chinese or, the Americans.

In my estimation, they, (The Chinese) also have a dirty track record, of being Qualified as mankind's overseers.

JFK said in that one speech that carried on to all American administrations to date. Then and up till today, you hear a subtle remark that they (US) should be the overseer of the world. But in my estimation and with all the wars and turmoil around the world, they are upfront and personal with many of them. And, in many comments, they will admit collateral damage and wars are unavoidable, I don’t agree.

The mentality for one governing body to oversee all ethnic groups without any byes opinions is a large responsibility and could be handed to … ‘WHO AGAIN?’…

DID YOU KNOW Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden Netherlands Australia New Zealand they are also piece-loving nations with only good to say. These countries have an exceptional human rights record and are listed as the best countries in the world to live in. (WITH A LINK HERE)

Could Their Names Be Thrown In The Hat For A World Government?

Thanks To Clipart Library For Free And Fun Art

Former President Trump and The United States are disoriented

The Donald Trump episode from the very beginning of his presidency informed the world he could get away with murder and he proclaimed he was above the law. Now that he is not the president of the United States, through my eyes still shows at face value, ‘ that he is above the law.’ His own government put Trump on a pedestal above all laws and the rights of its people in the US.

The American justice system shows the average person would be in jail for a hundred years for half of the wrongdoings Trump has been charged with. Now Trump followers would say, I’m not good with the facts. Well again, I’m not present at the court cases, I was not at his house when and only getting hand-me-down information Trump himself calls fake news, and in most cases I would agree. Except I’m looking back through my eyes and see a pattern and, you can't remove history.

As far as Canada and the wall between our nations and the like in my story of the Avro it was common knowledge by our government elites that the US forcefully said, dump the Avro and we will take good care of you, good buddy.

The rest of the story is Canadian history which we all can agree. There has not been another jet fighter made or one on the drawing board in Canada after that day.

I guess the gist of the story now is, what government can you trust to take charge of ‘one world order’ without money politics, and greed getting in the way?

Today being we are entertaining the one world government theme, I know very little first-hand information about China and their human rights abuse short of the news. and if they could be a good candidate for a world order governed by them.

Other than what we see and hear I would think not.

Make no mistake killing and wars an acceptable habit in many nations. As well as power and control and if the one world order issue comes up, that should not be on the regime’s.

Would you like a government with that type of mentality to have full rain over your country and you the people?

What name would come to mind that you thought had the qualifications of running a ‘one-world government?’

Photoshop and by author Sixpaque.


The Trump saga has kept America occupied long enough for the world to ketch up, trump and his ‘Make America Great’ have single-handedly and indirectly brought the US to its knees

My impression of a ‘one world government’ would be piece loving entity without wars, equality for all, fairness without the weighted down thinking of money and governed by a tribunal of academic’s with nothing to gain or lose and not governed by one person.

Now the story of China and why they feel they are best suited for the job of world order.

So as the US has been sidetracked the last few years with this former president, the American people and its administration have let their guard down to such an extent, that the Chinese have now caught up or exceeded in every aspect of the American dream and now proclaim the alfa status and wanting to go one step further.

As per the CNN article that next, it has many countries that are seeing things today differently.

The bottom section is from the Chinese Administration and their views on the political environment of today, and they are using the turmoil and division in the US as grounds for their “reasoning”. And according to the Article with a link here for the rest of the story, They are ... getting a lot of world leader's attention. Truth or fiction, you decide.

One World Order ... Does China Fit The Bill? Well, I don’t think so, but, they seem to think.’


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